Monday, January 19, 2015

Birdfeeders and Normalcy

What a wonderful today was!  It felt....well....normal.  Pre cancer normal.  It was wonderful!

As you know, I used to watch my two grandbabies, my train boy who is five and my cuddly bear who is three.  Well, I just picked them up today and got the whole day with them.  We had so much fun!  We ran to the store and got the "stuff" we needed to make these birdfeeders.  We made them last year as well, so I guess this can now be considered a tradition!  :)
We made a them outside in our backyard with the sun shining down upon us - sort of like a warm hug from Jesus himself.  It was wonderful.  My train boy was distressed at getting his hands dirty while my little bear just dug right in!  They are such wonderful kiddos!  My grandbabies are such generous souls that they began making a mental list of all the people they wanted to bless with birdfeeders!

Naturally, we didn't wait overnight for them to dry (if you do this activity - I highly recommend you wait! :) )  to string them and one broke, but it was ok.  We just fed the birds cookies!  They came out wonderful and will be wonderful gifts for our birdy friends. 

After a huge lunch, we napped together - Ama (their name for me) is getting old! 

God is good all the time, all the time God is good.
On sunshiny days.
On grandbaby days.
On cancer days.
On hugs from Jesus days.

For tonight, this is my truth.


  1. The description of your day brings to mind one of my favorite sayings," What you choose to do each day makes up your lifetime - you decide."
    Thinking of you. Deb

    1. Ahhh! Thank you, Deb! How true! One day at a time.......

  2. Normalcy, my darling dear. Where else does one see "lcy" in English? Some people don't love proofreading help, you know. XXOO

    1. My dear, you have been proofreading my lessons on the chalkboard, the captions on the walls in the school hallway, my cards, my notes to parents, my emails, my lesson plans, my funny little notes, everything since 1999! And now my blog! Why oh why stop now? However I do appreciate your private text about my third error! :) I love you so! Thanks for reading, my free proofer! Mua!