Monday, January 19, 2015

Memories of Weekend Fun Helps With More Waiting

Well, I hope you had a great weekend.  I really love my weekends!  Saturday my daughter, her husband, my husband and my grandbabies headed out to the mountains for a surprise day in the snow.  I hope that the next time we do this, we plan for my son to be there as well.  I missed him.  I ice skated for the first time!  Snow tubing was fun as well!  The best part was watching them laugh and play together. 

Today I picked up my grandbabies.  As I write this, they are playing outside as we finally have a beautiful, sun shining day!

We did get the doctor's order for the redraw for the BRACK.  I went Tuesday and then enjoyed a nice meal with my parents.  At one point, Mom had her head in her hands.  I held her and tried to comfort her.  I hate what this is doing to my family. 

There's no news on the authorization to go to MD Anderson.  My daughter pointed out to me that I needed to use an important resource:  my PCP's insurance person!  Duh!  Of course!  She is on the ball advocating for me.  I expected an answer today, but my PCP is closed on Martin Luther King Day, so we have another day of waiting. 

Waiting as I listen to my grandbabies chatter and laughter.
Waiting as I relive the weekend.
Waiting as I pray.
Waiting as I praise.
Waiting as I learn to lean.
Waiting and Standing.

Time to play with grandbabies! 

I appreciate you all so much.  Your comments, both online and in person mean the world to me! 

For today, that's my truth!

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