Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Wednesday's Word: Psalm 13. Wednesday's Wrap Up. I Like Thursdays.

 Wednesday's Word: Psalm 13

Isn't life interesting?  There are highs and lows, hills and valleys, joy and pain.
David begins Psalm 13 with feelings of abandonment and defeat, 
but ended with rejoicing and praise.  What changed David's heart and attitude?  How did he go from defeat to victory? 
He. Prayed.  Yup, he prayed.  His prayer was simple. Direct. To The Point.
Sandwiched between despair and victory was a 36 word prayer.
Imagine that.

Wednesday's Wrap Up
I wasn't happy with this block from my Stitcher's Garden.  The petals from the flower weren't evenly spaced.  Like I've said before, I'm definitely not a perfectionist, however, for this quilt, I'm a bit more picky.  
So here is the second try. I think it came out much better.
The first block will not be wasted however.  It will become something....just not sure what at this point.
Here is another block finished I finished.  
Hopefully, I can keep up the momentum and finish this beautiful, work-intensive quilt!  I halfway there already!

I Like
I'm joining Lee Anna's party filled with whatever brought me joy this week!
My husband found this on a Terry's Barber Shop's Facebook page!  

I absolutely love almost any combination of fried potatoes!

I'm so excited that I'm using up my 30's stash!  Awesome progress!

When I'm out for the day, my daughter and the kiddos come over to play with my lonely dogs.  It brought me joy to see that they left out the little stool they use to reach the faucet to wash their hands.  This was my daughter's little chair when we lived in Okinawa 30 years ago!
Here are Kitty and Chico, butt to butt!  LOL!

Chico was so tired after an afternoon play date with the grandbabies!

And, of course, Mia with her kind face.....

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  1. Yes your second try on the flower seems more balanced. Love the dogs getting a play date. Too bad you couldn’t join in the fun.

  2. I like both of your flower blocks - the first one just looks like the wind got to it ;-) Prayer is so good....

  3. The flowers will make the most beautiful quilt! Enjoy your week!

  4. Amen, God has been good to us! Love your flower blocks and happy you can use your 30s stash. I have a 30s quilt kit I need to work on!! So much fabric, so little time! LOL Our Chloe is absolutely worn out when our grands come for a visit too!

  5. Good morning! I can imagine how tired those pups are when the grandbabies leave. They poop me out, too. All of their energy! Them seem to absorb my energy and magnify it. ~smile~ Roseanne

  6. yes to potatoes in any form whatsoever! love the butt to butt shot, and a tired dog is a good dog
    I love my 30's prints! I should get those out to use in a spring piece.

  7. Ooh - fun likes. That mowhawk? made me laugh. Those potatoes look delicious. Yay for digging through your stash. What's left looks pretty!

  8. Are you using your 30s stash for the Stitcher's Garden blocks? They are so pretty! I agree - your second version of that first block you show is more balanced. Potatoes and carrots together - yum! Mia reminds me of our toy poodle, ET, who has been gone a long time now. Such sweet dogs!

  9. Reading the Psalm was balm to my soul. I am so worrying about my daughter as she faces the possibility of being fired for being ill. I, too, fret and send my troubled requests to God. I need to trust that all is under His guidance. Thank you!

  10. Awe love how cool that the kids come and play with the pups. Mine do too, so my dog doesn't get too lonely. The haircut is hilarious.