Sunday, September 6, 2020

Saturday's Song: The Cross Has The Final Word. Slow Stitching: An Ornament & A Tea Towel. Stash Report.

 Saturday’s Song: The Cross Has The Final Word

Goodness gracious, how this song blessed me!  My dears!  Focus on Him and His grace!  You are saved! All is nailed to the cross that you might be free!

That is why Jesus died on the cross - for our freedom!

Accept Him, serve Him, love Him, trust Him!  Live out your freedom as you follow Him!  Oh!  I am so grateful that He's taken my pain, my past, my sin, my life and has replaced it with love, forgiveness and freedom!

My prayer for you is that you will receive the LORD Jesus Christ into your heart, trust Him, serve Him and go forth in freedom!
Blessings to you my dear reader!

Slow Stitching: 2nd Annual Truck Christmas Ornament and a Tea Towel
Last year I was inspired to make my husband a Christmas ornament in the shape of a truck.  Yup.  He's a car/truck guy!
A friend of mine generously drew out the pattern for me. The truck ornament was received with such love that I've decided to make him one every year. Who knows, we may eventually need another Christmas tree just for his trucks! :)
The body of the truck red and the window is grey.  I leave the Heat 'n Bond on the felt until I sew them together.  The ornament will be reversible.  
I am so enjoying embroidering tea towels!  

Here is another one I started!

There's a funny story behind it.  My daughter is very quick witted - she gets jokes that zoom over my head - like this tea towel.
She was laughing and explaining it to me and I didn't get it.  I was a bit snappy with her and we changed the subject.  
Then, to her surprise, about 10 minutes later I burst out laughing as I finally got the joke!  
She asked what was so funny and I told her, "Oh!  I get it now!  I'm a stay in bed today!"  
We spontaneously chuckled about that for the rest of her visit.....she's so patient with me!  
I must be getting old!  :)

Stash Report 9-6-2020
I'm waiting for several projects to come back from my LAQ, so I should soon have some finishes and more numbers to add to the fabric I've used!  Fingers crossed!
Fabric in 
This week: 0 yards
Since April 1: 120.71 yards 

Updated 9-11-2020
Fabric Out 
This week: 0 yards
Since April 1: 120.71 yards 
Difference: + 42.585

My not so secret yarn crush is the Mandela Ombre by Lion Brand in Tranquil .  I picked up another couple of skeins to pet at home.  

Yarn In
This week: 10.6 ounces
Since April 1: 77.4 ounces
Yarn out
This week: 0 ounces
Since April 1: 87.0 ounces
Difference: +10.10 

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  1. The yarn is very pretty. Those multi-color skeins make the most beautiful projects.

  2. Well, I have to admit, it took me awhile to get the joke, too! But it's so cute, and a fun design to stitch, too! That is pretty yarn - do you have plans for it yet?

  3. How fun for your husband to have a truck ornament. I don't think I have ever seen one. Such a fun tea towel too.

  4. Hahaha! Stay in bed today...That yarn is so beautiful. I love the truck ornament. So cute.

  5. Thank you....I love the News Boys and am so blessed when I hear any of their songs on the radio...but this was the first video I'd seen. Tears of joy flowing down my cheeks! Blessings from West Virginia.

  6. Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful song. It was new to me, but now I've added it to my Spotify list. :-)