Monday, July 11, 2016

Oh Baby! Follow up Test Results. Lovely Morning Chat. Cleaning House. Slow Stitching.

Oh Baby!
I know it’s been quite on my little corner of the internet…..Guess what!  Bright and early on the Fourth of July, my daughter gave birth to our fourth grandchild – a healthy little boy!

Follow Up Test Results
Great news!  All my follow up test results are wonderful!  
Let us join the Heavenly Hosts on Praising you
My diagnostic mammogram is cancer free, bone density shows no ill effects from chemo, bone scan is clear and the nerve conduction test showed only mild neurapathy.  

So, why am I having so much pain in my feet and fatigue?  My rheumatoidologist believes the severe pain is a combination of the neuropathy and fibromyalgia.  All of my doctors recommend exercise.  
So, my daughter and son-in-law generously offered to loan us their elliptical.  Despite the pain, I’m going to try and work out everyday.  I am overweight, so I’m thinking if I lose weight, naturally that will reduce the stress on my feet.  Makes sense theoretically….I hope I can put it into practice! 

As I begin this journey, I wanted you to know what fibromyalgia feels like:
Image result for exercise fibromyalgia quotes

Gotta love Calvin!  

Lovely Morning Chat. 
Oh my!  Isn’t it wonderful when God gives us a gift?  This morning, my husband and I simply sat on our porch swing, drinking coffee, enjoying our yard, the sound of our waterfall and reminiscing while I worked on my Grandmother’s Flower Garden.  Oh!  It was so delightful!

When it got warm, we came inside and began our day.  And that’s where the weirdness started…..

Cleaning House. 
I just HAD to clean my house.  I definitely wanted to clean my living room because that is where the elliptical is going to be.  But, somehow my one room cleaning plan morphed into a whole house cleaning project!  Which is uber strange because my cleaning lady is coming this week!

And yesterday, I rearranged my grandbabies' toy room - moved furniture and everything!  
First+rule+of+house+cleaning+while+listening+to+upbeat+music:  +The+toilet+brush+is+  NEVER+the+microphone.:
My husband thinks I’m nesting…Do grandma’s nest?

Slow Stitching. 
I absolutely love Kathy’s Slow Stitching Sundays!  Last night as I put away my machine sewing project, I cleaned my machine and organized a bit.  It felt peaceful knowing I would be slow stitching.  I felt eager and…..less rushed. 

I worked on my Grandmother’s Flower Garden.  That will be my Slow Stitching Sundays project for the foreseeable future.  I was able to finish stitching on a flower, some single hexagons and begin stitching on another flower! 
My hope is to finish the first row by the end of August.

My Dear Reader, after two days of heavy cleaning, tonight was a wheelchair evening, so much pain in my feet.  But, life is good, isn’t it? 
triple negative breast cancer,
weight gain after cancer,


new babies,
a loving husband,
lovely morning chats,
beautiful gardens,
generous children,
a clean house,
Slow Stitching Sundays,
and more importantly,
God, my strength.
Life is good!

Life is Good quote motivational wallpaper
 Dear Reader, this is my truth!
Slow Sunday Stitching

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  1. How wonderful a new baby and you won over cancer. WELL DONE.
    I enjoy seeing pictures of your garden. My passions are both sewing and
    But what I love best in your post is your positive attitude.
    You have given me strength to move on.
    Kathleen Mary

  2. I just love your outlook on life! That positive attitude is the key to beating anything. So glad your tests came back negative. Love your grandmothers flower garden. I look forward to watching it grow.

  3. Indeed! Life is good! Congratulations on all the wonderful news!
    So glad you had time to relax and enjoy some slow stitching... it's good for whatever ails you!
    Thanks for linking up!

  4. Aww...congratulations on the new little firecracker! Glad to hear of the good test results too. Yes, life is beautiful.

    I love the hexies. The colors are so pretty.

  5. Congrats on the good news! And good luck on finishing the first row. You can do it!

  6. Thank you, Rachel, for your encouragement!

  7. Thank you, Kathleen Mary, for your kind words! I love gardening as well! My plants are doing well, except for my poor basil and rosemary....I've grown quite adept at killing them this summer! :)I pray you continue to move on!

  8. Thank you, Quilter Kathy! I'm loving your linky party! There's so much love out there! Mua! :)