Friday, July 15, 2016

Facing My Artistic Fears. Bible Journaling. Psalm 46:1

Facing My Artistic Fears
I so enjoy cruising on the Internet admiring the various methods of Bible journaling.  I’m sure you’ve heard of it, but if not, a quick web search will show you how therapeutic and beautiful Bible Study can be.  Adding art can only enhance our time with God…..right?

I really want to get into this type of Bible Study!  I have the journaling Bible, the nice colored pencils and such.  But, fear keeps me from actually journaling IN my Bible.
I don’t want to ruin it.
I don’t want to do it wrong.

Fear Will Not Control Me
My Time With God.

I had always heard this acronym and I love it!
#FEAR is nothing but False Evidence Appearing Real. #Quote #MyLifeMotto #InstaQuote #TheresAnAppForThat #IMadeThisShit
But then a quick Google search yielded this acronym and I love it, especially for today’s purposes.
I want to Face Everything And Rise! 

I'm fearful, but I want to beat down that fear.
So, I'm going to go for it.

Bible Journaling With Stickers
Then I saw this blog entry by Rachel Wojo.  Have you heard of her?  I have participated in her powerful monthly Bible Reading Challenges 
I fell in love with Bible journaling and Bible art journaling last year. Using "add-on's" of different kinds has opened another creative Bible study outlet. Whether coloring with pencils or using stamps or adding stickers, I enjoy using art of all forms to help me remember and reflect on God's Word. So why study your Bible with stickers? Glad you asked! Here are 4 things I discovered when studying my Bible using stickers.
When I read her entry, I thought, “I have stickers, I can draw those designs….I can do this!”
So, I am.  
I might even be courageous enough to share them with you.

And then I found this website!  I absolutely relate to 
Jenny!  My art skills are similar to hers.

She made some deep points:
Bible Art Journaling is not about perfection - it's about spending time with God.

Off I go to grow and spend time with Him.  

Psalm 46:1

Here is another scripture I added to my Alphabetical Scripture Memorization Cards.  Thank God He is there - an EVER PRESENT help in times of trouble.  Are you facing trouble today?  Are you feeling a bit lost and unsure.  
He is your ever present help.  
He hears your cries in the deep, dark night.  
He hears you.
Yes, you.
When He starts working, power moves in your life.  
Peace comes.
Even if our circumstances don't change, 
He brings the peace that passes all understanding.
Trust Him, go ahead!  What do you have to lose?

Dear Friend, this is my truth!

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  1. You go girl! Love this application for the word fear= face everything and rise! This will be a keeper for me! Thank you for sharing and the inspirations!