Saturday, July 2, 2016

A Different Direction. UFO Update. Health Update. A Song.

 A New Direction
I sense God moving me in a different direction regarding Proverb of the Day.  I feel like it may be more a Verse For This Day, or something along those lines.  Either way, it’s an exciting time!

UFO Update
I changed the format of my mind map from Simple Minds to a cleaner look - and I love it!  I also changed my completion rate to a percentage vs. a basic fraction.  This method encourages me as well, especially when pain and fatigue decide to visit. 
Last week I pulled everything out of my storage space under my cutting table and discovered several more UFO's.....oh well.  

You know what's interesting?  I can be hurting, but when I go into my sewing studio, the pain lessons.....It's wonderful.  

Health Update
So, I'm late for m 6 month follow up with my oncologist.  But, the stars have aligned and I now have insurance authorizations and appointments for all the tests we need done.  I hope to have results and my oncologist's opinions on the next steps by the middle of the month.  
Profile of a woman silhouette watching sun on the beach at sunset

Meanwhile, Pain and Fatigue remain my companions. However, I did have ten pretty good days in a row for which I am extremely grateful!  

A Song 
Can you imagine what you will do?

> Dear Friend, this is my truth.


  1. Hugs! You're doing great! Such an inspiration! I have so many UFOs, I think my finished percentage would be less than 1%--LOL. Maybe I should learn your method of scheduling things to get done. LOL! PS, I'm the one you met at Bernina store and I'm still working on my borders for Drunkards Path.

    1. Hello Alice! How neat is "seeing you like this"! I bet your borders are coming along nicely!

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  3. I haven't sewn a thing for the last few days. Wish I could hire a maid, a cook, and a yard man! Only then might I find time to sew every day!

    1. Yes! Another quilter and I were just texting about that same issue!