Wednesday, July 20, 2016

A New Direction Defined. Bible Journaling Clarified. Finished UFO!

A New Direction Defined.  
Hello there!  Remembered when I realized God was taking me in a new direction?  I have it and I'm so looking forward to following Him on this new path!
It has been a journey to discover where God was leading me mostly because I didn't really take the time to spend with Him just listening and exploring. 

But today I did.
      Today something happened.
               I have direction and blessings.

beach, dancing, girl, joy, sea

A few years ago, I hosted a small, short lived women's group in which we read and discussed the book of Philippians.  I loved it, but it simply wasn't the right timing. And that was fine.  I enjoyed the time I did have with my friends and continue to enjoy their friendship to this day.  

Then, in the beginning of 2016 our pastor asked us to read the book of Philippians 10 times during the month of January.

Are you seeing a theme?

In my walk with Jesus, this usually means He's directing me, so I pulled out my old Scripture Journal on Philippians.  

And you know what?  It feels 
wonderfully right, 
perfectly in line, 
fabulously amazing.  

As I reread the few completed pages in my Scripture journal, I saw that I actually worked on it in Houston the day before this post.    

So now, I'll move forward so my LORD can complete the work He began in me!  Will you join me?

philippians 1:6

Bible Journaling.
My Bible Journaling will begin with my Scripture Journal.  I'll be sharing that with you.

It's free.
It's a place where if I mess up, I don't care.
It illustrates my heart listening to His.

Finished UFO!
So, this Drunkards' Path block is actually a practice block for a $7.50 Club at my local Bernina quilt shop.

But, I certainly didn't want an orphan block hanging I hit the Net again and saw some great ideas!  

My daughter suggested that blue would look nice with this block.  After shopping in my fabric stash I found the perfect blue batik for the backing and handle fabric.  A quick trip to Bernina for accent fabric, a day of sewing using this tutorial from Sweet Bee Buzzings as a basis and wala!  A finished UFO!

Oh Happy Day!
Oh Happy Day inspirational quote print poster by AlmostSundayInc, $21 ...
Dear Friend, this is my truth!

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