Monday, July 11, 2016

Trouble Sleeping? DIY Alphabetical Scripture Memorization Cards. A Morning Prayer.

Trouble Sleeping?
Do you have trouble sleeping sometimes?  I do.  Sometimes it’s because my brain won’t turn off, but, lately, most of the time, it’s the pain in my feet.  At times, I despair laying there in desperate for sleep, but unable to do so due to the pain in my feet. 
In my 12 Step Program I learned to mentally go through an alphabetical Gratitude List.  I wholeheartedly believe that gratitude lists are extremely powerful, but the other night, it was not working for me.

I sensed the LORD speaking to me in a still small voice, “Why not an alphabetical Scripture list? “  But of course!
So, I started with
A – All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.
B – Be still and know I am God. Ps. 46:10 (I knew this scripture reference.)
C, D, E – I skipped because I didn’t have a Scripture offhand to remember. 
F – For I know the plans I have for you…..
Get the idea? 
I fell into a deep, peaceful sleep within minutes.  Didn’t even make it to Z.I fell asleep in the warm comfort of my Father’s arms.  Did the pain leave?
But I had peace anyway.

The next morning, I woke eager for my time with God and here’s the result.

Alphabetical Scripture Cards
Just a note:  Now there are great tutorials out there for using paint sample cards for all kinds of crafty projects.  However, I do suggest that you explain your project to the employees at your local hardware store before picking up some cards.  Also, take only what you need.  Though they are free to us, they did cost the company money to produce.
So, a while ago I went to my local Lowe’s to pick up a few paint sample cards for another project and let an employee know what my intentions were.  Turns out he was a Sherwin Williams paint rep and he offered me a slew of paint chip cards!  I loved them because they were so perfectly shaped and were hole punched!
For this project, you need only a few items.
Paint sample cards, 3X5 notecards, even cardstock will do the trick.
Markers – I found that Sharpies are best for these particular cards.
Alphabetical stickers (or you can write the letters on using markers)
Washi Tape – or not!  Make it yours!
A Key ring

1.        Place the cards on the key ring in whatever order you chose  
2.        When you find a scripture, decorate a card.
3.        Label it with the letter of the alphabet the verse you’ve chosen starts with.
4.        Write your corresponding scripture on the card.
5.        Memorize it. 
6.        Recite it and the other verses you choose to yourself and fall peacefully asleep in your Father’s arms.

Now, I’m not necessarily adding Scriptures in Alphabetical order, just going where the LORD leads me.  
A Morning Prayer
I wanted a distinct cover for my cards, but wasn’t sure of how to create it.  Then I read Psalm 90:14!  What an awesome way to begin the day! 
Blessings to you!

Dear Friend, this is my truth!  

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