Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Wednesday's Word. Wednesday's Wrap Ups. I Like....

Wednesday's Word

To fully grasp David’s words, I had to read 2 Samuel 15 – 18. Imagine David fleeing his own kingdom to escape his son’s murderous plot. David was incredibly broken and humbled as he fled for his life, yet, despite his circumstances, he continued to make wise decisions and trust in the LORD (2 Samuel 15:30, 2 Samuel 15: 11-12).

He was even forgiving toward his son, despite his murderous intentions (2 Samuel 18:5)! Not many can claim that type of grace – I know that I certainly can’t – God help me. No wonder David is often referred to as a man after God’s own heart!

Back to Psalm 3:3. In the midst of his flight for his life, David wrote this Psalm. The Layman’s Bible Commentary, gives us an accurate perspective of verse 3a. David is saying the LORD is a shield about him. Layman’s says, “While being shielded from something harmful is understood, it’s a different matter altogether to hold a shield in front of one’s body for protection during hand-to-hand combat, feeling the shield absorb blows that might otherwise prove fatal,. David’s ongoing trust in God makes a very real difference in his life.” (pg. 10)

Isn’t it amazing that not only does David see our LORD as his shield about him, but also as his glory and lifter of his head. Despite his current circumstances, he knows that God will one day lift his head to God’s glory. What faith! Let us go forth with such faith, or, at least pray for such faith! Amen?

Wednesday Wrap Ups 

I realized that I showed you my fabric tray filled up with the pieces for my Garden Snail Quilt by Lindsey Neill for Pen + Paper Patterns, but I never showed you the finished product!  So, it went from this:
to this:
I used a scrappy binding and lovely yellow minky for the back!  By the way, that's my son's head poking out on top!  
I Like....A Variety of Things!
These hibiscus around my waterfall surprised me by blooming!  I'm sure they bloomed last year as well...that's one wonderful aspect of chemo brain:  we have groundhog day moments and many events are new and wonderful every year!
My daughter somehow decorated this glass jar - I love those hearts.  Currently, it holds my tea bags, but has served many purposes over the years. 
Speaking of my daughter, these are the cupcakes she handed out at her latest drive-by birthday celebration.  Pretty rose, right?
It's hard to resist Chico when he begs for food....
And, last but not least, my daughter made me 4 more project bags!  I am indeed blessed!

Take care my dear Reader, take good care!

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  1. Love your snails quilt! Very fun and cute. Very pretty and handy project bags. A very cool list of likes for the week.

  2. Hope you had a happy birthday. Your cupcake rose is very pretty and I love the project bags your daughter made you! Your snail quilt is very cute, I love it! Thanks for sharing the Wednesday Word with us.

  3. Good morning! Great job on the snail quilt. I don't recall seeing that pattern before. Your daughter did a fabulous job decorating the cupcake. That's a true skill to have and a nice, handy one at that. Chico is sitting so nice for a treat! I'd give one, too. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  4. Your snail quilt is so adorable! Great finish! That cupcake really looks yummy - maybe Chico wants one? :)

  5. Love those snails!! Is that etched glass? I love how that looks. Mmm... cupcakes. Those project bags look great.

  6. OMG I want to make a snail quilt!!! What a cute pattern to showoff your special fabrics! Chico is cute! And that rose icing is superb, so special. Yum to cupcakes in general

  7. I have to say your snails are a lot more appealing than the ones I find in our flower beds!