Sunday, July 26, 2020

Saturday's Song: Magnify. Slow Stitching: Dish Towels. Stash Report

Saturday’s Song:  Magnify by We Are Messengers

I was extremely excited to find this wonderful song with bilingual lyrics!  This verse is so true:

“My sight is incomplete and I made you look small
I've been staring at my problems for way too long
Realign where my hope it set
Until you're all that's left”

How much time do we - myself included - waste time looking at the problem instead of the Problem Solver? 

Let this verse be our prayer:

“God be greater than the worries in my life
Be stronger than the weakness in my mind
Be louder let your glory come alive
Be magnified”

Oh, God, that we may learn to focus on You, magnify You instead of our situations.  Fill us with Your grace!

Slow Stitching

So, I'm really looking forward to some slow stitching today.  Progress on my Thursday dishtowel continues as does my secret sewing project!  

These Sunbonnet Sue dishtowels are so much fun to work on.   Kathy over at Kathy's Quilts is also stitching up some dish towels, so she definitely keeps me inspired.  :)

Stash Report

I did find one and a half yards of this fabulous "go with" at my LQS for the fall fabrics I purchased at A Quilting Stitchuation in Ruidoso, NM.  

It’s called “Leaves” from the Harvest Elegance Collecton by Gina Jane for QT Fabrics.  It’s goes well the the Stonehedge collection!  

Fabric in
This week: 1.5 yards
Since April 1: 69.00
Fabric Out
This week: 0
Since April 1: 105.13 yards
Difference: + 36.13

No changes in yarn again!
Yarn In
This week: 0 ounces
Since April 1: 56.80 ounces
Yarn out
This week: 0 ounces
Since April 1: 87.50 ounces
Difference: +30.70

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  1. The dish towels are so cute! The print is a great match for the other fabrics.

  2. What a cute stitching project you have there! Pretty fall fabrics, too!

  3. Love the words to that song! Oh my, your sweet embroidery on the towel is so pretty. I love the whimsy of it.

  4. Hi Miaismine, A great reinforcing scripture sharing. Have a good week.

  5. I haven't heard that song before. But what a great reminder--stop looking at the problem and look to the Problem Solver. I enjoy seeing your fiber projects!

  6. What a cute little bonnet you are stitching! We definitely should look to our Problem Solver instead of looking at the problem!