Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Thoughtful Tuesday - A God Morning. To Do Tuesday.

Thoughtful Tuesday
Today, instead of sharing a post that has blessed me, I need to share an event that happened in my home.  

God gave me the great honor of encouraging a young man to breathe new life into his marriage!  

After a bungled appointment with our regular appliance repair man, he and I were able to adjust our schedules so he could come over this morning.  

After initial conversation, I asked him if he was married and he said yes.  Then, this question popped out of my mouth, "Are you happy?"  

Though I can be outspoken, believe me, this was even beyond what I would normally say!  I not only shocked him, but I shocked myself!  

Our conversation eventually led to me sharing my testimony of how God saved my marriage and gave me a deep love for my precious husband.  He was surprised at how God can move in a marriage.  

He gratefully received a book I offered him, The Love Dare, and promised me that he would read it - tonight.  I also suggested he watch the movie, Fireproof.  

I shared how Shaunti Feldhahn's books, For Women Only and For Men Only completely restored our marriage more than 10 years ago. 

He was so open to saving his marriage via these godly tools!

Naturally, I told him that my husband and I would be willing to mentor his wife and him as they work on their marriage.  

I was stunned by our conversation.  Then I praised God and reached out to share the good news with my husband.  Afterwards, I called a prayer warrior and asked for prayer for this young couple and for our family.

Sometimes God puts us in situations where He wants to move - we are His hands - and it's fabulous.  

Today was a normal day filled with grandchildren and later, an appointment with a young repairman.  Who knew it would lead to such a life changing event where God would move so deeply in this young man's heart?  

Who knew?
God knew.
He knew and He came.

To Do Tuesday
Last Times's List 
Surprisingly, a lot was accomplished this week!
1) Make 1 or 2 more yo-yo flowers. ✔
2) Stitch up at least 1/2 of the green skein of yarn for my afghan. ✘ Instead I started a new prayer shawl!    
3) Trim the four patches (inspired by Amanda Jean at Crazy Mom Quilts )✔  I'm up to 140!  
4)  Make labels for the baby quilts!  ✔
5)  Follow up with the organizations to give out the drainage bags ✘  
6) Work on my Grandmother's Flower Garden.    
7) Made these pillowcases!✔ Tada!
 Here's a close up of the embroidery 
I'm learning to play with!
This Week's List
1) It's time to finish connecting the first row of my yo-yo quilt!  

2) Make a bit of progress on my Spring Granny Square Afghan!  

3) Continue working on my four patches during my conversations with Dad.  

4) Cut out the pattern for my OMG hosted at Elm Street Quilts.  For those of you who read yesterday's post - did you guess what it is?  It's a whale softie for my grandson!  He fell in love with the pattern and how could I resist?
Funky Friends Factory FFF50471 Oreo Orca Ptrn

5)  Finish the quilt top for Comfort Quilt #3.  

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  1. How wonderful that you were open to God's leading in talking to this young man. I'll send a prayer for him and his wife. Crafting-wise, you have a nice list. Pretty embroidery on the pillowcase!

    1. You are so sweet, Sharon! Thank you for your prayers! I'm hoping to hear from him and am praying for him! I'm just barely playing with machine embroidery, so your comment means a lot to me! Thank you!

  2. Hi Miaismine, your pillow case is so sweet - and it's going to be a lovely whale softie for your grandson. I'm sure he'll love that!

    1. Thank you! I'm eager to make it for him! Tomorrow I should start by making templates of the pattern pieces! I've never made a softie before (except for crocheted ones), so I'd appreciate any tips you might have! :)

  3. Thank you for sharing your God-incident. There's a saying--our misery becomes our ministry. And that sounds like exactly what happened that day.

    1. Nancy, I love that saying! Yes, there is always a purpose for our misery! You know, a pastor's wife taught us to pray, "Lord, please let me learn what You would want me to learn from this trial so I need only walk this path one time." I so appreciate you sharing your wisdom!

  4. Today, I read/found you ... Your words inspired me ... I needed it. Bless you

  5. What a wonderful story. I love that movie and it prompted me to get the book to share with someone. My DH is gone, but not forgotten, and I look to our eternal future now, but I don't know anyone whose marriage wouldn't be improved by the principles in this book.

    1. Oh Susan, please accept my deepest condolences! Bless you for sharing the book! After a dear friend lost her husband, and in the midst of her own pain, she ministered to me deeply on treasuring my own husband. Thank you for your precious comment!