Monday, February 12, 2018

Philippians 4:20 Part 1. JP Drainage Bag Covers. Book Date.

Philippians 4:20

"our God and Father".
Imagine, God is our father, our daddy, our Abba.  Yes!  To Him be the glory for ever and ever!
When I first read this verse, I thought, what more can I add?  It's all there....but then it hit me, God is our Father who supplies our needs.  

Looking at it from a parent's perspective:  Do we supply all of our children's' wants? 

Of course not.  If we supplied all their wants...well, there might not be room in our homes - or their hearts - for anything - much less God. 

Some of their wants are plain impractical...
as are some of ours.

Human parents see the big picture, our God truly sees the bigger picture.  He knows what we want may not necessarily be what's best for us.  He knows what's best for us and all of His children.

So, we trust Him to supply our needs.  As I wrote below, my prayer life is becoming more simplified.  Instead of praying for specific outcomes, I'm learning to say, "Not my will, but Thy will."  

In the Garden of Gethsemane, Jesus' short prayer was specific:  for the cup (Crucifixion) to be removed - and then He prayed for God's will, not His.  Interesting.

Here is a natural stopping point.  I'll continue with Part 2 - my testimony - in the next post.  Blessings to everyone!

JP Drainage Bags
On Instagram I saw a post here written by Christy @ckscarves about covers for the drainage bags used by breast cancer patients  after their lumpectomies or mastectomies. I've learned that these drainage bags are not used only by breast cancer patients, but other surgical patients as well.   

She sent me the link for her tutorial - and it was easy peasy!

Here's the fabric cut and stacked.

Yes, I'm a strip sewist!

All done!

I was able to make 6 tonight in about 1 1/2 hours - from cutting to finished!  I'll be passing them out at my next Cancer Care Group!  It is my second book for my 2018 Library Love Challenge.  

Book Date
More Than A Hobby by David Green with Dean Merrill is filled with nuggets of golden life lessons that can be applied to almost any facet of life!  I'm truly enjoying reading it slowly so as to capture these nuggets more fully!

Image result for the story the bible as one continuing story of god
I'm so glad we are reading this book!  I still find myself going back to the Bible for reference, but this is an easy and enjoyable read in which God is speaking to me on an entirely different level!  In case you're interested, my church, Heart for the World,  provides the study outlines that make this a wonderful devotional time!
I received The Quilter's Homecoming by Jennifer Chiaverini from my local library!  It will be book 2 in my 2018 Library Love Challenge!  I'm looking forward to listening to it during my commute to work!  

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  1. Good point--God doesn't supplies all our wants, or we wouldn't have room for Him.

    1. Nancy, I loved how you put that so concisely! Thank you! :)