Thursday, March 15, 2018

Philippians 4:22. I Like! Abbey Bag Finish!

Philippians 4:22

I love how this sentence opens:  "All God's people".  We, too, are God's people!

According to my main reference for this study, The Layman's Bible Commentary, those belonging to Caesar's household servants - both slave and freemen.  Again, can you imagine their joy upon hearing those words as they circled around the one reading the letter?

 I am deeply humbled by the words, "All of God's people", especially as I realize I am one of God's people.  I am His.  
His child.
His child.
His child.
So are you, dear reader.
whatever we have gone through,
whatever mistakes we have made,
whatever traumas we have been through,
We. Are.  God's. Child.
LORD, thank you for adopting me as Your child, for sending Your love for me.   Regardless of ANY AND ALL circumstances, I know I have a Father who loves me - and my readers.

Abba, please make this knowledge real to them as well!

I Like!
Truly stop and visit LeeAnn at Not Afraid of Color to see the most interesting pictures and meet some amazing people!  
This first picture is from an "I Like" post I started last year!  Glad I found it!
I don't often name my pictures, but I'm calling this one "Potential".  I just love the potential these grape tomato flowers are offering.  It could be a metaphor for life - we are all beautiful creations of God bursting with potential!

I love taking walks with my grandchildren.  One is 8 and the other is 7.  I told them about LeeAnn's "I Like" Thursdays, and they wanted to participate!  Here are their likes!

Autumn leaves 
hanging around till now.
 A tree encircled by rocks.

A cactus waiting 
for water and Spring time!

A kind neighbor 
puts out fresh water 
for all the doggies 
who are walking their humans.
  Mia usually takes a long drink
 when we pass by her house.
The ramp on this house caught
my grandson's attention.
I've noticed that he 
immediately notices 
unique features in homes.  
Now, my three-year-old
 grandson wanted in 
on the action as well.  
He wanted you to see 
his motorcycle
 and the flower 
that he picked for me!
Here's a like of my own!

I made this cute little Abbey Bag at my sewing group on Saturday!  It's a great little pincushion, scrap bag and mini tool holder all in one!  The pattern is from Abbey Lane Quilts.  

 Now I have one on my sewing table and one on my cutting table.  

Won't you join me at these linkups?

Thank you for visiting & commenting!
I so love reading and responding 
to them!  
In fact, 
I find myself smiling 
as I read them and write responses!


  1. It's so encouraging to remember that we are God's children! I love the pictures too, especially the flower your grandson picked for you!

    1. Yes,, it hit me really hard - in a good way. I am God's chlld - we all are! And regardless of of any pain suffered in childhood, we have an everlasting, perfect love in our Father! What a beautiful blessing!

  2. oh! Gratitude in the next generation! Wonderful! I loved your post today, and the pic of Mia and how good I feel now that I've seen it. Thank you for writing it and sharing likes through the eyes of children. I notice house details too... isn't it cool I relate to your young grandson? Tell the 3 year old to keep bringing flowers to you... women love flowers for no reason!

    1. Yes, LeeAnn, I’m trying to teach them to see the good in their world…….Yes, I need to post more pictures of my Mia (mia is mine) as she is even more important to me since Sammy’s passing….Children are so special – they keep it simple and pure. Yes! I’ve noticed that you post various features of homes that you see on your walks! You have influenced me and I am beginning to do the same!  As my grandson pointed out that ramp, I thought of you! Yes, love those flowers – especially from my grandbabies…..

  3. It's fun to see the world through children's eyes! I love your little pincushion and tool holder, too. Glad you're joining us for I Like Thursday!

    1. Yes, it is fun! I was pleasantly surprised at their likes! Thank you, that pincushion is pretty and useful - my kind of tool! Thank you for such a warm welcome!

  4. I like that leaf, too. It reminds me of deer antlers somehow.
    I like Philippians, as well. A very encouraging and challenging book.
    I just read somewhere that we ought not to get spray or try to get rid of dandelions - they are the bees first call for nectar. and with the reports that our bee population diminishing, it makes good sense. Besides, little kids recognise their worth! and what tenacity in them, too.
    Sandy in the UK

    1. I went back to loik at that leaf and you're right! Great imagination! Yes! Your description of Philippians is perfect - encouraging and challenging! I love your comments regarding dandelions! Here in Southern NM I'm trying to plant more flowering plants for our bees. Hmmmmm, perhaps I should put off my day of weeding my grass and let the dandelions take over? They are so much prettier than grass! :)

  5. Kids can see such interesting things! What fun!

  6. The BEST part of growing a garden is those first buds on the veggie plants. Better for me, even, than the harvest at the end.

    1. Right? I just the potential in a bud - it makes me think of our own potential and that of children....such promise to be had. As for the grandkids gobble up all the grape tomatoes withing their reach! :)

  7. That is such a cute little sewer's aid! And you made it in such colorful fabrics - nice choice!

  8. So wonderful to remember we are God's people. I love how much meaning we can get from just one verse of Scripture! Lovely pictures too.

    1. Thank you! Isn’t it interesting how we can read the same verse many times and receive a different message each time? It’s awesome to read blogs about God’s Word with an open heart as well. It’s such a learning opportunity for me!