Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Philippians 4:18 Part 1. To Do Tuesday. Tumbling Block Finish!

Philippians 4:18


"amply supplied"...The gift from the Philippians left Paul amply supplied.

I remember the first time my husband tithed.  Money was tight - very tight.  Pastor preached a sermon on tithing and it touched my husband's heart.  He dropped God's tithe into the offering plate and passed it onto me.

All I saw was diaper and grocery money in that plate.  How I wanted to pull it out!

But, thank God I didn't.
Ever since then, my husband has faithfully tithed and we have been "amply supplied".

If every person in church tithed, the church would also be "amply supplied" and could indeed address some of the social needs in our communities! 

But, alas, such is not the situation.

When we first started tithing, addmittedly, I was freaking out!  How would I feed my family?  buy diapers?  put gas in the car?

But, God was faithful and met our needs every month.

And now?  Thirty-one years later, we are still blessed beyond measure, "amply supplied" and still tithe.  

To God be the glory.

Abba, I bet You remember how freaked out I was when my husband dropped that $100 bill in the offering plate on them morning he decided to begin tithing!  Yet, You have remained faithful to us all these years.

I pray, Abba, that others will also tithe, even if they start small and then increase their tithe.  I pray that they will know the blessing of Your care!

I pray our missionaries and churches will be "amply supplied" that Your work will be carried out!

Thank You, Abba, for taking care of us all these years.  You are so faithful and good to us!

To Do Tuesday
Last week's list

1) Done.  Finish the Tumbling Blocks prototype.  My daughter quilted and bound it for me. Isn't her work lovely?  

I'm pretty disappointed with my piecing.  I used the strip method, but I'm sure my cutting was off.  I'm going to try again using Laura Nownes' instructions in her 2013 BOM Crafty class.  

I've also ordered the Accuquilt diamond die (#55040) and will try stitching this quilt using the Y-seam method.  I saw Dione Gardner-Stephen's tutorial at The Clever Chameleon.  

I'm determined to master this quilt!  I guess 2018 is my year of mastering the Tumbling Block quilt!  As always, I'm open to helpful suggestions! :)

2) Finish the first 10 squares of Maria's Blue Crayon Spring Granny Afghan Crochet AlongNot quite finished, so it will be on this week's list.  

3) Pray my prayer and memorize Proverbs 19:23. Done! 

This week's list
1) Press fabric for another Tumbling Blocks prototype.  

2) Finish the first 10 squares of Maria's Blue Crayon Spring Granny Afghan Crochet Along!  

3) Make more CIL blocks.

4) Make progress on Prayer Shawl #7.

5) Pray my prayer and memorize Genesis 32:28

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  1. I absolutely love that crayon afghan! So sweet. I think I may try my hand at making one. February is a good time for crochet as the nights are early and too cold for an evening walk.

    1. Yes! I so agree with you - cooler nights lead me to crocheting as well!

  2. I like how you are determined to conquer the tumbling block quilt this year and are trying a different method this time around. Truthfully though, I don't see anything wrong in the photos you posted. Yet, I know with the Chic Country quilt top I just finished I'm not at all pleased with my points not lining up. I would like to conquer that pattern too!

    1. Hello Sharon,
      Isn't that funny - we are indeed our own worst critics. I believe I found your quilt here (, correct? I love it! LOL! Yes, I need to practice what I preach and be more gentle with myself.

      Congratulations on your new grandbaby!

  3. Haven't attempted a tumbling block quilt yet, and kudos to you for wanting to try it again. I do have a suggestion for matching up your seams - take a few test stitches at the seam match to check for alignment before sewing the whole row. Take a look at my Sewing Diamonds tutorial, about halfway down the post, to see what I mean.
    I've used this to match a lot of different tricky seams, and it really saves a lot of frustration! Good luck on the next one, and be sure to share it on Midweek Makers!

    1. Thank you so much, Susan! I so appreciate you taking the time to send me off to learn! I will share the next tumbling block quilt on Midweek Makers!