Monday, April 3, 2017

God is on the Move! Fabri-Flair

God is on the Move!
When I first wrote about this song, I issued a challenge to everyone.  I have to ask again - did you do it?  What happened?  Please let me know!  I'm still dancing by the way!  :)


I see a generation 
Standing on the truth
In each and every nation 
God is on the move

Any time the gospel stirs a searching soul
And someone says, “Send me, here I go”
I know, I know, I know, I know

God is on the move, on the move
God is on the move
In many mighty ways

God is on the move, on the move
God is on the move
On the move today

I see a generation
Standing on the truth
In each and every nation
God is on the move

Yes!  I see hope in our young people.  I’m not blind or wearing rose colored glasses.  I see
our young quilters and their big hearts,
young people fighting and standing for God,
young people trying with everything they have to do right. 

I have confirmation with this stanza.  God has been moving in my life and my heart. 

He has shown me that there is a real need in my town that I can meet!

I love my Cancer Care Support Group.  It’s the one place I can speak very freely about my
experience and it’s effect on  me,
my family and
my loved ones,
our fears,
our hopes,
our dreams.
I can learn from and love other survivors. 
We “get” each other.

But there is no such group for Spanish speakers!
Sooooo, yup,
You guessed it! 
I’m starting one!
We are in the initial stages, but I’m doing this!
I’m so excited and grateful
for this opportunity,
and for the those who are willing to support or mentor me! Would you please pray for us as we move forward?

God is on the move, loved ones!  God is on the move!

Publishing: Love Journey Music, Moms Like Us Too, Aevinesaintmusic, Promotion And Relegation Music, Sony/ATV Cross Keys Publishing, Songs From Exit 71 (SESAC)
Writer(s): Mikey Howard, Cliff Williams, Ian Eskelin, Tony Wood

Remember when I wrote about this gift from the owner of my LQS?  Well, I finally chose the fabric for this project!  

Here's what the kit looks like when you open it.  The brochure has great ideas and the instructions are amazing!  Of course, there are 24 templates.  I just took the picture after I covered 18 of them!  :)

Here's the outer fabric all cut up, glued and ready to go!  What do you think?  I'm so excited to begin stitching!

This is the fabric I'm using for the inside of the bowl.  Aren't those hexagons the cutest?  
The remaining six templates need to be trimmed 1/16" on two sides.  Yikes!  
After a bit of research, I figured out how to achieve this quite simply!

I am so excited to complete this project!  Can you guess who it's going to?  


  1. Praising Abba Father for the doors opening for you to be a blessing to others! Your blogs are now coming to my email now! Dance! Dance! Dance!

  2. What a gorgeous green fabric! My favorite color, too.

    1. Thank you! Funny, that seems to be such a popular color! Take good care, Susan!