Friday, April 14, 2017

Philippians 2:28 Part 1. Simple Scrappy Sampler Finished!

Hello There!
Welcome!  As I prepare for today's study on Philippians, my mind is definitely on Good Friday - a day when so many terrible things happened to our Jesus.  This morning on KLOVE radio they were talking about this very thing.  And you know what they said:  It's called Good Friday because we know what happened on Sunday!  Amen!

So, as we soberly remember today, let's keep His victory in mind as well!  :)

Philippians 2:28.
Paul is eager to bless the Philippians with Epaphorditus' presence - proof that he has regained his health!  In doing so, he knows they will be glad and he will have less anxiety.
I found Paul's words in verse 28 interesting....almost compelling.  I had to look back at the previous verses.....Paul didn't say he wants to send back Epaphroditus, but he is eager to send him back to relieve the Philippians of their anxiety.  He will greatly miss his brother, his co-worker and fellow soldier in the LORD. 

 Sending him back is a sacrifice for Paul.
A sacrifice he is making 

At least that's how I'm seeing it.  

So, how do I, do we, respond in trials?
Last Sunday our pastor discussed Jesus' suffering and our suffering. (You can listen to it here by downloading the app. Iphone or Android)  In our small group, we reviewed it and were challenged to complete this sentence:

When the going gets tough, the tough ________.

I would change it to this fill-in-the-blank:
When the going get tough,
the faith-filled, but hurting get
How would you complete it?

LORD, thank you for the many sacrifices that You, Your Son and all that have come before me made that I might know You.  I know that there are many rejoicing and happy people out there today - and I am one of them!  You have blessed me with love, security, creativity and joy.  

But, I am deeply aware of those who are hurting, confused, lonely and in despair today.  Please comfort them and strengthen them!  Help them to come to know You and trust Your ways.

I love you, Abba Father.  

Simple Scrappy Sampler Finished!

The Simple Scrappy Sampler Flimsy is finished!  Yea!  I dropped it off with Stephanie, my long arm quilter, and her eyes lit up like it was Christmas!  This is another "Chemo Quilt" - a project started while I was in chemo.  I'm loving the bright colors, the variety of blocks, the sashing and, yes, those pesky, playful cornerstones!  

Please feel free to share your tips on cornerstones!  In order to improve my skills, I'm going to keep putting them in my quilts!  Your advice would be so appreciated!  

My daughter pointed out how pretty a quilt looks from behind with the sun shining through!  Look!

I used a Happy Tones layer cake and charm pack as my main fabric. The white background for the blocks was a a combination of a white on white floral purchased long ago.  I used Muslin Mates White on White Vine for the comenstating strips purchased at Berninia Sewing and Design.  The sashing was Moda Bella Solid in Lavendar - I think.  :)

Thank you all for 
your encouraging comments 
as I shared this project!  

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  1. Awesome study and awesome quilt!

  2. I would change it to this fill-in-the-blank:
    When the going get tough,
    the faith-filled, but hurting get
    How would you complete it? ...the faith-filled, but hurting get "on their knees"...

    1. Oh yes, Jannette! We are strongest on our knees, aren't we? Great finish! Thank you for stopping by and sharing!

  3. Congratulations on finishing the sampler! I love the passages you shared from Hebrews 12 and Romans 5 -- 2 of my favorites for tough days. Thanks for sharing at #FaithOnFire this week!

    1. Hi Lyli! Thank you for your kind comments! Isn't it lovely how God provided encouragement for every situation!? ;) Thank you for hosting the link up! I certainly enjoy you blog!