Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Wednesday's Word. There Are No Accidents. Pressing On.

Wednesday's Word
I refuse to give up.  
We can chose faith, trust, hope and victory.
Jesus has been 
my strength and hope thus far, 
so I chose the above with confidence in 
my LORD and Savior!
There Are No Accidents
I was working on the third block of my Stitcher's Garden and noticed a mistake.  I was almost finished with the block and didn't want to toss it...so I turned it into a pillow cover! 
It gives my living room a fresh new look!  I believe the rest of the pillows in my living room may be getting a new look as well!

Last week's goals were:
1.  Spend an overnight with my parents.  ✔  I actually spent 2 nights with them!  Oh, how we enjoy each other's company!
2.  Make 1-2 Morning Glory Blocks. 
3.  Make progress on the latest prayer shawl. 
4.  I'm hoping to make progress on my hand pieced blocks.  
This week's goals are:
1.  Make 1-2 more Morning Glory Blocks.
2.  Stitch up a hand pieced block. 
3.  Make my $7.50 blocks of the month.

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  1. Thank you for sharing these verses!
    I love your beautiful pillow! One mistake and it could be used for something else. :-)

  2. Hi Mia! Oh, to be able to spend time with my parents again. We loved to spend time together too, and they left me just too soon. I was only 24 when my dad died - but we had loads and loads of fun. I got to enjoy my mom until she was 99.5 (!!) and I was 53 so that was a huge blessing. I would add that #1 goal to my list just as often as I could. Your new Spring pillow looks so welcoming and pretty. I love the center yo-yo! I have been wanting to do a whole project of some sort with yo-yos. I just need some time to come up with a plan! ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. That is a lovely pillow to cheer up any room!