Thursday, January 4, 2018

Here's The Scoop. Moving Forward. A Cowboy Quilt.

Happy New Year to All!

Blessings to all 
as we begin 2018!

Here's The Scoop.
Another long, unexpected blogging break.  Not due to my health...I'm worries there.  

Fall 2017 is finally over. 
But, for my family, the same challenges will carry over to 2018, as will amazing opportunities for growth.  I need to focus on the latter.  

The "scoop" is this:  I'm applying this lesson more than ever - 
regardless of our unimaginable hurt and, yes, hopelessness, 


always remembering that:

Moving Forward.
I am taking time to heal, to pray, to sit and be still (more of that to come).  I'll be blogging as regularly as I can because I miss my dear blogging community.  

However, I'm again learning to be gentle with myself and find balance again as we face 2018 with faith, determination, tears and eventually victory.  

Can I get an, "Amen?"

Here's a link to the lyrics:

A Cowboy Quilt.
So, I have been reading your blogs and they have been a joy!  Many of you decided to make last minute quilts for a loved one!  So, did I!  Thankfully, my daughter supported me with her willingness to do the quilting and machine binding (it was for a boy) for me!  

I wanted to make my brother-in-law a Dallas Cowboy quilt, but I knew it had to be pretty basic to be finished in time.  I was inspired by Amanda's @ Jedi Craft Girls quilt and wala!  Less than 10 days later, a quilt top was born!  Thank you, Amanda, for your inspiration!

Just in time for Christmas it was quilted and bound!  Thank you, Mi Hija!

Tada!  Here it is!  

 The white fabric is a glow-in-the-dark specialty fabric!  

Here's a closeup of part of the front

and my daughter's quilted "footballs" on the back!
My brother-in-law loved it and, frankly so did I!  

Take good care, my dear readers!

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  1. Ooh, glow in the dark fabric? What a cool idea! I wish you could post a picture of what it looks like in the dark! :-)

    1. Hi Rebecca, right? I love the glow in the dark fabric! I, too, wish I could post a picture of it. I tried and tried to take a picture of the quilt (and a table runner I made), but to no avail! It is really cool, eerie and mind boogling all at the same time! Thank you for stopping by!

  2. What a great quilt!!! Thank you for the inspirational faith talk for 2018. God bless.

  3. What an incredible gift! The quilting is absolutely perfect!

    1. Thank you, Jannette! The pattern was fun and easy! I'll share your comment about the quilting with Mi Hija! :)

  4. hang in there - great quilt looks perfect for a football fan

    1. Thank you, Maggie! Hmmm....I may have to make more of these for the family members who are football fans!

  5. Happy New Year! It was nise to hear that it is good with you. It's great to know that God also cares for us in 2018. He will give us what we need for each day. He loves us. :-D
    Your blue quilt is amazing. So beautiful with the blue squares and with the gray colour around. You can be proud of this. Well done! :-)

    1. Thank you, Birthe! Yes, I couldn't agree more with you! He is so good! Thank you for your kind comments! Take good care!

  6. Fantastic quilt! And cheers to a wonderful 2018!

  7. Thank you! Happy New Year to you as well!