Sunday, January 21, 2018

Saturday's Song. Sunday Slow Stitching. Stash Report.

Saturday's Song

Here's the lyrics.  
So many times we think our mistakes are "too bad", "too big", "too nasty", "too frequent" to merit God's forgiveness.  

Oh my dear reader!
Such lies from the defeated one keep us chained up in defeat.  

Read these lyrics from All You Ever Wanted by Casting Crowns:

"I was chasing healing
when I'd been made well
I was fighting battles
when You conquered hell
Living free but from a prison cell
Lord, I lay it down today
So I'll stop living off of how I feel 
and start standing on Your truth revealed
Jesus is my strength, my shield
And He will never fail me"

The battle, the war is over.
We won through Christ Jesus.
Remember, Loved One, 


Sunday Slow Stitching
Have you ever read a cute and fun blog by Maria at Maria's Blue Crayon?  In her first post, she writes about her rather cool blog name.  

I found her while pursuing the internet for crochet patterns.  Her Spring Granny Afghan CAL was too pretty to pass up plus I happen to have most of the colors needed!  Yea!  Double win!

I'm really trying to keep up.  One link up that is helping me is Christine's To Do Tuesdays at Stitch All Things.  This is a great link up that helps me keep my focus!  Thank you Christine!  

Here are my first set of flowers!  

I just need to add two more flowers and the borders.  Maria suggests using the join as you go technique to make the first row!  Hopefully, I can meet my To Do Tuesday goal!  

I also finished Days 19-21 of the Felt Advent Calendar!  

  Almost finished!

I joined Sarah's of Brown Paper Bag #1yearofstitches project.  She started it in 2017.  I started in on November 26, 2017 - ten days after our world fell apart.  It required very little effort, helped me focus on getting through life's challenges with victory and to have a "written record" of lessons learned.  I post progress almost daily on my Instagram account.  

Kathy's (Sunday Slow Stitching) photo challenge this week was to share our hoops!  Mine is a plastic hoop in a cheerful peach color!  

Stash Report
Fiber Stash Report:
Fabric used/donated this week
Fabric used to date
8.525 yds
Fabric Added this week
0  yds
Fabric Added this year
6 yds
Net Fabric
5.875 yds

Yarn used this week
0 oz  
Yarn used to date
0 oz
Yarn Added this week
13 oz
Yarn Added to date
0 oz
Net Yarn
 -13 oz
The Covered In Love blocks sure helped with stash control!  Also I gave my daughter 2 yards of fabric.  As soon as she finishes her project, I'll share what she made with it!

I didn't have enough green yarn for Maria's Spring Granny Afghan CAL, so I chose to switch it out.  I also purchased the some blue yarn.  Looking at last year's numbers, I used 171 ounces of yarn in six months!  I bet I can do 200 ounces in 2018!  


  1. You have a lot of interesting projects going. I like the crochet flowers. What a great way to use up odds and ends of yarn.

    1. Thank you! I'm learning a lot with this project - and loving the bright colors! Take good care!

  2. Thanks for the song and what you share. It is amazing that nothing can separate us from God's love. When I experienced a lot of adversity and pain in my life, I did not realize that God was with me, but afterwards I saw that He had been with me all the way, and He walks with us every day. Fantastic!
    Very beautiful flowers you're working on :-)

    1. You're so right, Birthe - it is amazing how God loves us! Sometimes, going through the trial, we don't see Him, but every time we look back and realize He was there all along, our faith grows. I love how you wrote, "He walks with us every day." Yes, I love thinking about that!

      I love those flowers too! The project is really coming along!

      Take good care!

  3. lots of great color here! Love the crochet! Thanks for always inspiring us.

    1. I found my "color language": bright colors! I especially love the primary colors! Thank you for visiting! Take good care!