Monday, January 22, 2018

Philippians 4:15-16. Doggie Pillow. Fleece Blanket. Book Date.

Philippians 4:15-16
"...not one church shared with me in the matter of giving and receiving, except you..."
As soon as I read these Scriptures, I thought, "Ouch!"  Then, I thought, "Praise God for the Philippians!" 
How many times have we heard that we are the hands and feet of God?  Or the story of the parent who reassures his child at bedtime not to be afraid of the "boogey man" because God is with him.  His child responds, "I wish God had skin on!"

Oh, my dear reader, God does have "skin on"!  It's us!  No, we are not God, but we are His hands and feet!

There may be that one person who needs
 a word of encouragement,
a financial gift,
a hug, 
a kindness
and there is no one called to help them
except you...

Will we respond to God's call?
Will we ignore God's call?
He will certainly raise up someone else to bless His child who needs a kindness, 
but will we be that one?

LORD, thank You for prodding me to perform random acts of kindness and for giving me the grace to actually do Your bidding.  It is then that I am truly blessed above and beyond whatever You had me give!  

Abba, forgive me for the times I don't make time to write that letter or note of encouragement.  Help me to have the discipline to do so!

Let us all be sensitive to Your call on our lives to serve, to bless, to act on Your behalf.  Father, it may only be a word of kindness, a smile, a hug...but as with the lesson that all we can do is pray, these acts are not only a word or hug.  They are gifts from You.  

Help us all to be the "except you's" in the lives of those who are hurting!  Help us, I pray, of Abba!

Doggie Beds
My Mia and Sammy were so cold.  Their little bed was was no longer cutting it, so I made them two little pillows/beds.  So easy - especially using this tutorial from Liz at Momtastic!  

I went to Wal-Mart and picked up some regular bed pillows for about $4 each, bought some fleece at JoAnns using a 60% off coupon and added some fabric I know longer loved.  After an hour or so, wala!

I used the left over fabric to make a small, knotted, single layer, no sew fleece blanket! (That's a mouthful, right?)  Here in southern New Mexico, a single layer is perfect for us!  

The instructions were easy to follow at The Linus Connection - a very worthy organization!  

Image result for nights of rain and stars
Book Date
I finished Nights of Rain and Stars by Maeve Binchy!  This was a nice, easy read filled with wonderful characters and an awesome, "sigh worthy" ending....I so enjoy Maeve Binchy's books! 

Called To Write, Biblical Truths For Authors and Bloggers by [Logan, K.M., Logan, C.M.]
I've begun reading on my Nook again as well.  I finished Called to Write Biblical Truths for Authors and Bloggers by KM Logan.  This e-book confirmed much of what is in my heart regarding this blog.  I highly recommend it!  

Image result for the story the bible as one continuing story of god

I'm continuing to enjoy The Story The Bible As One Continuing Story of God.  

The Union Quilters
You may remember that I joined the 2018 Library Love Challenge.  My first book I'll be reading is Jennifer Chiavernini's The Union Quilters.  It's an Elm Creek Quilts novel.  I started reading them before I got sick and am picking up the series again.  l can't remember if I've read it before or not.  If, as I'm reading, I see that I have, I'll probably switch it out for another one of her books.  :)

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  1. It's good that God can use us. Perhaps we can make a difference in someone's life with a handy hand, a smile ...
    I think the dogs were happy for the new dog beds. Sorry, but I do not take time reading books. With full time job and my sewing hobby, family and friends, I do not prioritize reading, but there are many good books to read. :-)

    1. Hi Birthe,
      Yes, God can definitely use us...and I'm certain that He will honor our faith as step out and answer His call. Wow - you are an active lady! I'm so so glad you have such a full life surrounded by family and friends! Take good care!

  2. Thank you for your link this week to Show and Tell Monday !! Bambi

    1. I'm so glad you host this link up! I made a new friend - Birthe! How fun is that? Take good care!