Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Proverb of the Day. Pain. Fatigue - again.....Encouraging Songs.

Proverb of the Day

Proverb of the Day

Lately, I do feel like I’m going through the fire, not necessarily, the fire of refinement, but a fire.  The pain and fatigue have made me sad, not depressed, just really sad.  Especially during the evenings, when I'm wanting  a cup I find myself wondering if what I want is worth the walk to obtain it…..is it worth the pain?  This song continues to minister to me.

How does God test the heart?  My little bit of research shows that He uses pain, afflictions…well…fire to test our heart.  During chemo, when I could still walk, the LORD asked me to listen to the book of Job, which I am did – three times.  Now, I’m going to try to read through it.  They are definitly two different processes in which we are able to glean very different lessons.  At one point, He asked me to simply focus on Job’s words….he was

questioning God,
he never cursed God.

I’m looking forward to physically reading this book.  I believe God will give me 

After all, in spite of my fiery trial,
I still love God.
I still have faith in Him.
I still trust Him.

Would you join me in doing the same?  Would you please pray for me as I try to learn to grasp His hand even more on this journey of a breast cancer survivor?  I'm really needing prayer right now.


Dear Friend, this is my truth.

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  1. Yes, praying in the precious name of Jesus that you will get through and be totally healed! Love you