Sunday, May 9, 2021

He is Our Defender. Stitching, Reading, Crocheting. and " My Likes"!

 Hello There!

Happy Mother's Day to you all - to include the non-traditional mothers as well!  My sister does such a fantastic job of managing my parents' care, that I made her an honorary mom and we celebrated her as well!

It was wonderful to all get together again and actually hug each other!

Lot's happening in my crafty life as well!  Let's get on with this weekly post!

Song of the Week:  Defender by Francesca Battistelli

We have all at one time or another needed our Defender, our Lord.  During these times, the best spiritual weapon is praise. Hence, I love songs and verses about how the Lord is indeed our Defender.  Here's a Google search on this very topic! 

I just love Psalm 121.
In the midst of whatever battle we are engaged in, remember He goes before us!
So, how to we get through the battle?  Let's remember the oh so familiar Psalm 46, especially verse 11.
And this familiar verse helps us to remember, God truly has our backs - He is indeed our Defender! We just need be still.
Chase discouragement and fear away!  Remember, the battle is His!
My dear Reader, the journey to learning the above lessons started when I read this verse.    

After reading Isaiah 30:15, how could one not help by learn more about repentance, resting in Him, quietness and trust?  For in these four characteristics is our strength!
He is our Defender, let's trust Him! 

Slow Stitching
Today's slow stitching was the prayer shawl from last week.  However, this time my favorite pattern wasn't "feeling right" for me, so I ripped it out and began this one with my next favorite stitch, the V-Stitch! 
Now I really like it!

Stash Report 5/2/21

My fabric and "yarny" numbers didn't change at all!  

Once I finish the shawl and my Qube Crush quilt (see below), we'll see some changes! 

Book Date
Dead Men Don't Crochet was a fun read that surprised me at the end!  

Currently Reading

Remember the Lilies now has my full attention.  I love the tone - gentle in such terrible times.  I also love how Liz Tolsma weaves Scripture in her books!  

I'm looking forward to beginning this series 
Next Up:

 To Do Tuesday Checklist
Before I share my lists, here is an organizational method to increase our crafty productivity.  
My daughter, who fully completed 12 quilts from February to April, shared a fabulous tip.  Every month, she writes her monthly goals in her planner.  Then she breaks them down by week.  
After which she cuts out all the fabrics, gathers all the supplies (to include thread) and stores each project in her individual project bags
Now, when she goes into her sewing area every day, she knows exactly what she'll be working on and all she has to be is start sewing! 
I hope this helps some of you!  I'm going to try this in June.  
Last Week's List
* Stitch up the 10 Qube Crush blocks.πŸ‘

* Stitch up the Pieces of the Santa Fe Trail Blocks from the Melva Loves Scraps Sew Along! 
πŸ‘This is such a fun Sew Along as Melva provides a fabulous tutorial as well as a bit of historical information!  
Block One:  Kit in the Korner

Block Two:  Double Nine

* Complete the March section of my daughter's Memory Book. πŸ‘Ž
* Continue progress on my Hexagon Afghan. 
* Continue binding my $7.50 quilt. 

This Week's List
* Prep the next 10 Qube Crush blocks.
* Complete the March section of my daughter's Memory Book. I'm about 1/2 there!  
* Continue progress on my Hexagon Afghan and prayer shawl. 
* Continue binding my $7.50 quilt. 

I Like
Time for a bit of loveliness I found this week!  
I Love My Yard
I Like New Recipes
This recipes for stuffed bell peppers is from Dinner at the Zoo!  I wanted to show you what they look like before I added the cheese.  They are delicious!
I Like the Furry Friends in My Life
Kitty thinks the beautiful plant my DH bought me is her's.....
Kitty can relax when Chico is in the house!
My grand-dog, Marley, looks so cute when he's sleepy!

Take good care, everyone!  Until next time!

Your comments are so appreciated! 
I read each one and will respond by email to you! :)


  1. Thank you for the encouragements this week.

  2. I love reading the Bible verses you post. They're familiar, but it's great to see them and be reminded. Love that v-stitch prayer shawl stitch! Love the lights in your garden! I'm checking out some of the books you're reading.

  3. Thank you for the beautiful Bible verses you shared! Wonderful to read that the family could gather, and not least that you could give and receive a hug. Both the prayer shawl and the blocks are very nice projects. I also think your yard looks very nice. Now that I sit with an operated hand and can not do much, I love to be on Pinterest and see pictures of beautiful gardens. Enjoy your furry friends, your needlework, reading and your beautiful garden!

  4. Be still and know that I am God is one of my favorites too! I love your quilt blocks.

  5. Great numbers and cute pets!

  6. What a great tip from your daughter. Thanks for linking up with To-Do!

  7. What a great tip from your daughter. Thanks for linking up with To-Do!

  8. wonderful post, have a beautiful week and I wish I had those flowers!

  9. Your daughter sounds like a very organized person - so impressive! Your blocks look great. Pretty colors! Thanks for the recipe, too - looks yummy!

  10. Your prayer shawl is beautiful as is your yard! I see why they both make you happy. Taking the shawl stitches out was definitely the right thing to do since it made you happier with it.

    I like your daughter's goal advice. I basically do the same thing converting yearly goals into monthly steps. I too break down the monthly goals into weeks and then days. It makes all the difference. Many people don't really know how to set and achieve goals. I think it is a great skill. I have been moving in the direction of getting quilts cut out so I can just go for it when I have a few minutes to sew. Your daughter and I are similar.

  11. Your prayer shawl, quilt blocks, and all of the furbabies are wonderful!