Sunday, May 16, 2021

Thought for the Week. Book Date. Stash Report. To Do Tuesday. Slow Stitching. My Likes!


The Battle Belongs to You by Phil Wickham continues our theme:  our battles - regardless of what they are - belong to God. 

What do you battle with?  

Health? Relationships?  Abuse?  Emotional?  Fear?  Anger?  Loss of faith?  Grief?  Anxiety?

As these lyrics say:  Fall to your knees with your hands lifted up to God!  Nothing can stand against the power of our God!  He shines in the shadows!

His ways are higher than our ways!  Trust Him, my dear reader, trust Him!

Psalm 18:1-2 is a phenomenal reminder of how God fights our battles!    

Note all that the LORD is for us:
1.  our strength
2.  our rock
3.  our fortress
4.  our deliverer
5.  our God
6.  our rock
7.  our refuge
8.  our shield
9.  the horn of our salvation
10. our stronghold
Surely, as we go through our week, this list of who God is will comfort us!  Call on Him in prayer and with praise and He will respond!
You are not alone!



I listened to this powerful book, If Beale Street Could Talk by James Baldwin.  I highly recommend this one - a definite five star read.

Currently Reading

Next Up
Yes, I thought The Giver would be next, but a friend and I spontaneously decided to do a book club for two from this new to me author!


No changes in my yarn totals since April.  
But, I finished binding the $7.50 quilt and wow!  I love it!  Here it is, freshly washed and dried!

So my fabric numbers are finally in the black!  The Gecko Quilt is back from my LAQ, so there should be an even better report next week.  

Ok, my dears, I finally did it....been thinking about for a while, but now I've done it and there's no going back:  
I actually pulled out every UFO since I started sewing and my crochet UFOs as well.  Yikes!
My "number" surprised me, like really surprised me.  To top it off, I have about 90% of the materials to finish these projects! 
Here are my numbers!
After the initial shock wore off, I was glad (ahem)😏 that I did this exercise as my list for To Do Tuesdays will definitely have more focus!
Have any of your ever made a comprehensive list of your UFOs/WIPs?  How did you get through your lists?  

 Last Week's List
* Prep the next 10 Qube Crush blocks.👍
* Complete the March section of my daughter's Memory Book. 👍 It's really cute!
* Continue progress on my Hexagon Afghan and prayer shawl. 👍 
* Continue binding my $7.50 quilt. 
Tada!  Bound, washed, dried and ready for cuddles!  
My granddaughter set up and took all the pictures for me!  They are being posted natural - no edits or filters.  
I gave my granddaughter a few second lesson in taking a photo from an angle to capture the quilting.  Here are the results!

I absolutely love this quilt, which was a BOM.  I never would have chosen these bright colors chosen by Marsha, the co-owner of Be Sew Creative, my LQS, but I love them!

This Week's List
* Stitch up the next 10 Qube Crush blocks. 
* Continue progress on the prayer shawl. 
Photo courtesy of my granddaughter :)
* Finish this mitten 
* Stitch binding on Gecko quilt, then hand stitch it next week.
UFO:  Make experimental dish sponges similar to these (about 30 min.)
*UFO:  Fix masks (about 30 min.)

I LIKE....
I like making this meal for my guys!  My daughter shared the recipe with me suggesting could add a ton of veggies!  It's so yummy!
I liked these posts on Instagram.
Don't we all wish we could go back to our younger days and say this to someone?
By the same token, let's remember to 
be kind to ourselves and 
to get out of toxic relationships. 

What a brave young man! 
There are so many fabulous teens out there!  

This one says it all....

Here's a loving look from Kitty!

I post during the week on my Instagram account (miaismine22) if you'd like to see more likes and more about life in our home!


  1. I listed my UFOs a few years ago. The list is slowly getting shorter, way less than when I first made the list.

  2. Definitely a powerful list of who God is for us, and the things he gives. Awesome quilt.

  3. I bet it was fun to look over the UFOs. I always enjoy finding a project that I forgot about. I loved reading your to do list as well. Have a great week

  4. I’m not pulling out my UFOs en mass, but I am only working on them these days. Finished a flimsy last week. The back is on tap for this week. The. I need to decide on the next one to focus on.

  5. Arsenic & Adobo looks like it will be a fun buddy read.
    Love the colourful quilt!

    Wishing you a great reading week

  6. Yay for your quilt finish! It looks very southwestern!!! Loved reading the whole blog post!!!

  7. Omigosh I love that quilt, it's beautiful! And I love the bible passage you shared as well :) I hope you have an amazing week!

  8. I recently listened to IF BEALE STREET COULD TALK as well and enjoyed it. It was part of my postal book club, but my messed up eyes were struggling with the small print, so I switched to audio and it was perfect.

  9. At the beginning of the pandemic, I wrote The battle belongs to the Lord on a piece of paper and hung it where I could see it easily. It helped get me through some tough times!

    I really want to read Arsenic and Adobo!

  10. Your $7.50 quilt just glows! Wonderful finish!

  11. Wonderful quilt!! It is such a cheery color scheme! Thanks for linking up with To-Do!

  12. So many good things in this post, and what a pretty quilt! Nice pictures, too! Pulling out and listing all those UFOs is a bit of a shell shock, isn't it, but it sure feels good to start getting them finished. Mine moves along slowly, but at least it moves! Enjoy your weekend!

  13. Yep I keep a spreadsheet of my UFO where they are in progress. When I do manage to finish one, it gets marked off and put on a different page. Love the sayings. It is so hard sometimes to be kind to ourselves and when we can admit we are not always the best people and ask forgiveness you become such a better person. Very pretty quilt.