Sunday, May 30, 2021

The Cycle of Comfort Part 1. Book Date. Stash Report. To Do Tuesday. Slow Stitching. I Like.


The Cycle of Comfort Part 1

This song is so relevant to our social media world today.  

I love Matthew West's list of lies in his song, Truth Be Told. 

Lie #1:  "You're supposed to have it all together.  When they ask how your are say, 'Never better.' "

Lie #2:  "Everybody's life is perfect except yours, so keep your messes and your wounds
and your secrets safe with you behind closed doors"

I so agree with him:  the truth is rarely told or shared.

In keeping our secrets secret, we are missing ministerial opportunities!  

Am I saying let's reveal everything?  Only if the Lord directs us to do so.  

But, I am saying to take a chance and be real.  Then sincerely ask someone how they are really doing.  

Lately, when someone asks me, "How are you?", I've started to ask them, "Do you really want to know?"  

Most times they are caught off guard.  Then there's that rare time they respond, "Yes, I really want to know."  Afterwards, they sometimes share their heart as well.  

That's when the blessing comes:  a moment of connection, of humanity, of realness...a ministerial opportunity that can go both ways.  It's beautiful.  

Let's remember, comfort is a cycle.  

If we first go to our Father with our pain, He most assuredly will comfort us.  With that same comfort we can comfort those in any trouble!

Who knows, we may even end up saving a life - physically or spiritually.

Let's share and let the truth be told, 

the truth about who we are, 

the truth about what we are going through,

the truth about our God, the God of all comfort.



Though it took me a bit to get into Remember the Lilies, I ended up enjoying the story.  This was the third and final book in Liz Tolsma's Women of Courage series.   

 Currently Reading

There's times when I actually laugh out loud while reading Arsenic and Adobo  My friend and I are still guessing who the culprit is in this cozy mystery.  

I'm throughly enjoying listening to My Beloved World!  Sonia Sotomayor tells her story with a vulnerability and transparency that is beautiful.  

Next Up:


No changes in my yarn stash, but progress continuesd on my prayer shawl.  Have I mentioned that I found an unrepairable error and had to pull out two feet?  I'm so glad I did as now it looks really pretty and lacy.  




Ounces In

Ounces Out



Prayer Shawl

























May Totals






Annual Totals




No changes in my fabric numbers either. 

 I should have another finish next week as my Slow Sunday Stitching project this week will be to finish binding the Gecko quilt!  Kathy's from Kathy's Quilts slow stitching link up is so much fun to explore!

Last Week's List
Despite family challenges this week, I was able  to finish most of my list!  After finishing my small UFO projects today, it'll be nothing but slow stitching today.  So, smiles all around!  :)
1.  Prep the next 10 Qube Crush blocks.   😀
I misplaced one of the kitted blocks, so 9 were finished.  
2.  Continue progress on the prayer shawl.😀 
3.  Hand stitch binding on Gecko quilt. 😀
4.  UFO:  Fix masks (about 30 min.)  😀
UFO:  4 mending projects 😀
UFO:  finish up a nursery rhyme fabric book 😀
This Week's List
Lots of slow stitching goals this week!  Have you noticed a pattern in my craft productivity?  One week seems to be filled with kitting and prepping and the next week is sewing and making quick work of these prepared projects.  Oooo!  What a cool name:  Prepped Projects!  
1.  Prepped Projects:  Kit the next 10 Qube Crush blocks.  
2.  Finish the prayer shawl. 
3.  Finish binding the Gecko quilt.

I LIKE....
I like quick and easy meals for unexpected company!  We made a picnic out of these tacos using leftover roast or whatever meat I have on hand, place it in a heated corn tortilla, add favorite fixings and there you have a meal!  Sometimes I'll fry up the tortillas in olive oil to make them even tastier!  
Here's some pictures I took as my husband and I took a stroll through out backyard.  

The oregano is doing quite well this year!

My youngest grandson loved this flower so much,
he picked it and gave it to me!  

This was taken as a cutting last year.  I guess it really likes its new location.  

When we lived in Clovis, NM, my mother-in-law 
gave me cuttings of this plant, which she called "rocio".
These are from her original gift.  
I also like to reorganize - which I did last weekend.  Being that I'm not sure how to post videos on Blogger, I'll be posting a video on my Instagram account later today of my newly reorganized sewing room.  It's specifically designed to encourage me to use up my stash!


  1. Is that Esperanza? Your flowers are gorgeous! I'm commenting because your comments about 'How are you?' really got to me. So true and I always think we should have a better greeting than that if people don't really want to know. I think I'll start asking if people really want to know also, if I ever get out enough that I run into people I know.

    You've accomplished so much on your list. If prepping one week and assembling the next is what gets you there, I am all for it. I was going to do some slow stitching in front of the tv today but Hubby is watching car races and golf, both of which I can't stand. So I'll work on my book buddies between long stretches of reading.

    I don't think I've had a good laugh in a long time so will check out Arsenic and Adobo. The Giver has been on my TBR list for a long time but I don't think I'm ready for it now.

    I'll try to find my instagram password so I can check out your sewing room organization video. I need all the help I can get. Have a great week.

  2. Great projects, and how lovely your garden is coming along! Hope you have a great week!

  3. Sounds like you had a great week!

  4. Lots of affirming words in those scriptures, and nice to hear.

  5. What an interesting way to look at how you answer people, about how you are doing. Perhaps we don't share because we don't want to burden others with our troubles, but on the other hand perhaps those people can show sympathy, or even be part of your prayer team. Your flowers are gorgeous and what great looking books.

  6. I enjoyed reading your great post this morning as I drank my coffee. You fit a lot in this one. I know what you mean about the How are you? thing. I try to always say a little something to folks like checkout ladies and I hope it sounds sincere. I do the same thing with tortillas and we enjoy various concoctions.
    Lots of encouragement and I love your flower photos too. Thanks for sharing it all!

  7. Good point, on saying 'how are you'. I once heard we should say, 'what's on your heart these days', to get a more personal response. I had forgotten that for awhile, but will try it again. Your shawl looks so pretty glittering in the sun. Delicious looking tacos. And beautiful garden flowers. Love the story of your GS picking one for you!