Monday, May 3, 2021

A Week of Jesus, Stitching, Reading, and Crocheting. and "Likes"!

Hello There,

This past week has had a few more challenges than usual. I know I'm not the only blogger who faces challenges in life, but wow!  I sure admire those of you who can blog consistently despite life's curve balls!  My hat is off to all you!

However, I must make changes to meet these unpredictable challenges.  After much thought, I've decided to write one post a week and continue linking up to all my usual parties.  

Another change is I will be posting daily on my Instagram account (user name:  miaismine22).  This account is private, but please just request to follow me and you're in! (As this account is private, it will also have a bit more personal posts with "behind the scenes" details!)  

So, please, pull up a chair, serve your favorite drink and enjoy the journey with me!     

Song of the Week:  Glorious Unfolding Part 5

In my last post, we learned that one of our purposes in life is simply to praise God!  How I love to praise Him!

I wanted to reiterate the last verse of Glorious Unfolding and leave you with some hope!  

We will watch and see and we will be amazed
If we just keep on believing the story is so far from over
And hold on to every promise God has made to us
We'll see the glorious unfolding
Just watch and see (unfolding)
This is just the beginning of the beginning (unfolding)

Oh, my dear reader, life can be challenging at times. But, let us what and see - our story is far from over!  God has made many promises to us as this Google search will show you!  And this is just the tip of the iceberg!  

So, let us not lose hope, but remember, God has a plan for every event in our lives, for our own personal glorious unfolding!  

Slow Stitching
Last week I posted about these mittens.  I finished these two.  
I prepped the rest of them and believe it would be fairly easy to finish them this month.  (Famous last words! 😉)

Stash Report 5/2/21

My fabric numbers didn't change.

I picked up this beautiful orange dishcloth yarn - the color changes and cheerful hue grabbed my eye right away.  It was fun to make these dishcloths!  

Slowly my numbers are improving......I almost went into the hole really big, but I discovered the yarn wasn't on sale, so I resisted!  

Book Date

It was with great reluctance that I finished listening to Great I shall miss Pip!  It is interesting how suffering and hardship can soften our hearts.  Perhaps he and Estella will reunite again, it was left quite open in my mind.  

Currently Reading
Remember the Lilies continues to be read, though I admit, another has replaced it.  

Of late, I've been reading "heavy books", so I'm really enjoying the lighter tone of this next book.  Dead Men Don't Crochet is a light hearted cozy murder mystery - which indeed sounds like an oxy moron, right?  I'm enjoying it very much!  

Shelly Rae from Book'd Out commented on this post that she's glad there is a cozy mystery for about every craft.  She's absolutely correct!  I found a quilting series, Kilt's and Quilts,  on someone's blog - how I wish I could remember whose!  If it was you, please let me know in the comments!  
I googled "scrapbooking cozy mystery series", I found a plethora of choices!  

However, this series has stolen my heart.  It earned it's place on my Next Up:
My daughter and I didn't realize there was a fourth book in the series!  Eeeeek!  How did we miss that?  

 To Do Tuesday Checklist
Last Week's List
* Cut and stitch the 10 Qube Crush blocks. 👎 They are cut out and sitting on my sewing table.
* Complete the March section of my daughter's Memory Book. 👎
* Make progress on my Hexagon Afghan. 👍
*  Continue binding my $7.50 quilt.  👍

This Week's List
* Stitch up the 10 Qube Crush blocks.
* Stitch up the Santa Fe Trails Blocks from the Melva Loves Scraps Sew Along!
* Complete the March section of my daughter's Memory Book.
* Continue progress on my Hexagon Afghan.
* Continue binding my $7.50 quilt.

I Like
Oh, LeeAnna, how your Thurdays' I like post helps keep me thinking on the positive!

Look at the snapdragons....aren't they lovely.  They are also tenacious as these ones survived through the winter!

My son gave me this beauty - look at its beautiful flower!
I'm so impressed with this bell pepper plant.  As I had a greenhouse this winter, I planted a piece of bell pepper, seeds and all of course.  It sprouted and continues to try and be successful!  It's living with another gift from my son!
My grandchildren and I are using this portable garden for out grape tomatoes, bell peppers and basil this year.  

House Stuff
I love that my husband refinished my kitchen table!  He even refinished the leaf!  We are completing some other projects that I'll be sharing on Instagram soon!
On the Hook
As I mentioned before, I'm still crocheting my hexagon afghan.  I also started another prayer shawl for a very special lady who is going through a very difficult time.  It's one of my favorite patterns - a simply half granny square shawl.   

Take good care, everyone!  Until next time!

Your comments are so appreciated! 
I read each one and will respond by email to you! :)


  1. Beautiful flowers! I really need to get a move on in my backyard...

  2. I so agree with you, and I also admire everyone who manages to blog several times a week. Both blogging and Instagram become more sporadic with me. Thanks for everything you share. I listen to a lot of music on Spotify, and often I find the artists and songs you share there. Your ornament mittens are so nice and so are the lovely colorful cloths. So kind of you to crochet so many prayer shawls. Beautiful flowers and good luck with the cultivation! Wishing you a blessed week!

  3. I read The Giver series, very good. I didn't realize it was a series until I stumbled on the second book by accident. I was even more surprised when I realized there were two more!

  4. I think the Kilts and Quilts series is by Patience Griffin, I haven't tried them - yet! I have loved Mary Marks cozy quilt books, they are such fun and a new one out in July. I have the one before that to read yet. I haven't been a cozy reader but I do like ones that link to my hobbies.

  5. Such a lovely post and you have so much going on. The wool mittens are just as cute as can be. You are tempting me to pull out some wool applique and such a cheerful dish cloth. Gotta wash dishes with something pretty. I love Lois Lowry books. Have you read Number the Stars? It is a great read about children during the Holocaust. Have a very lovely week and happy stitching.

  6. Hi,
    Haven't read any of your I'll be checking these out.
    Your mittens and dish cloths are really cute. Have a great day!

  7. Looks like you got a 50% success rate there, but I am sure progress is good no matter if the task was complete. Good luck with next week's list. Thanks for linking up with To-Do!

  8. One of my favorite sayings is an Yiddish one which is basically...Man plans, God laughs. It is so very hard to let go and let God at times. You always have so many amazing things going on. Love the snap dragons. Oh and the table refinish is fabulous.

  9. I like your felt projects. The flowers are pretty!