Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Thoughtful Tuesday. To Do Tuesday.

Thoughtful Tuesday
As some of you may have noticed, I link up to several inspirational link-ups from which I discover deeply encouraging posts.  Soon I had a collection of these posts and Thoughtful Tuesday was born.  

I was surprised to see this next post in line for today - the timing is perfect.  

It's Inspired by the Abandoned Nest by June of Inspired by June.  June addresses the age old question:  Why don't we do what is good for us?  Why do we do what we know is bad for us?  It reminds me of this:
June's post inspired me to try and choose the good and healthy habit over the opposite.  Truth be told, I'm not always successful, but progress not perfection is the goal.  

June ends her post with an amazing exhortation:  Be gentle with ourselves as we begin to make better choices.  

Progress not perfection.

To Do Tuesday
1) Do a fabric pull for the new Y-seams Tumbling  Blocks prototype with my new Accuquilt Die.  Fingers crossed! Not Yet!

2)  Finish joining Row 3 of 
my afghan - the Maria's Blue Crayon Spring Granny Afghan CrochetNot Yet!

3) Finish a pillow I started last year.  
Not Yet!

4) Complete 13 Comfort Dolls.  I've made some progress on them!  

There were actually more dolls, but I was blessed to be able to some to the ladies in my Cancer Care Group.  I think I even saw a man take one as well!  

No discrimination here - I'll be making some male dolls as well.  One question though - what would he wear?  How would I make easy pants for this dolls?  What would you do?  
What was truly a blessing was that my son-in-law (who hands hands the size of Texas) and three of my grandchildren helped stuff and make the dolls!

5) Contact the organizations to give out the drainage bags.  Not Yet!

This Week's List
1) Finish the Covered in Love squares.  

2) Finish a pillow I started last year.  

3) Contact the organizations to give out the drainage bags.  

5) Do a fabric pull for the new Y-seams Tumbling  Blocks prototype with 
my new Accuquilt Die.  

 Onward and upward!

I hope you check out 
these fun link ups!  


  1. Thank you so much for mentioning my post, Mia! I hope it was a blessing to you. Your dolls are beautiful. For a man, you could just add a tie and a mustache! Have a blessed week!

    1. Great idea! Thank you for sharing - your post and ideas! :)

  2. That's quite a list. Every time I see someone's to do list, I think that is a good idea, yet I have never done it. I wonder all the time why I do what is easy instead of what is good for me, particularly with diets.

    1. Ooooooo! Diets are hard for me, too! Give me candy in the house and it's all over! I don't know why we struggle to do what is best....I'm trying to change that, but am not always successful. It feels so good when I am successful though!

  3. I liked your first part, as I'm trying to eat more healthy food, too. Don't put chocolate sauce on your popcorn. Just sayin'. Best of luck with your goals for this week!

    1. Mmmmm....chocolatesauce on my popcorn....sounds good! :) Thank you for stopping by! :)

  4. Progress, not perfection - ah good! I hope you make good progress this week! Your dolls are cute and I think June has a great idea of adding a tie for a man.

    1. I have been making good progress this week! Thank you! Yes, I agree with June about the tie for a man! Thank you!

  5. The dolls turned out so fantastic! I do love the Progress Not Perfection thought. It's so important to remember!

    1. Thank you! I loved making them! Next time I think I'll use the blanket stitch on my machine to attach the hair so that I can produce more dolls in less time. Yes, Progress Not Perfection....it relieves stress to remember that. :)