Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Philippians 2;1b. Day 7, Gift 7

Philippians 2:1a (Part 4)
Tonight I’m focusing on
“if any comfort
from His love,
if any common sharing
in the Spirit,
if any tenderness and compassion”.
Philippians 2:1b
I just noticed the order of these words:
common sharing
It’s almost the steps we go through when we first give our lives to Christ.
Many will encourage us in our new walk.
Then, as we become hurt or possibly confused by trials, we receive comfort.
Then, we learn unity.
Finally, as we mature, tenderness and compassion become definite parts of our very being. 
But first

we are in situations that require
encouragement and comfort.

That spells trials to me.

Then, as we receive encouragement and comfort, we begin to learn the value of unity because other’s united to encourage and comfort us!
Finally, we learn to show tenderness and compassion.
It’s a journey, a walk with Christ. 

I can only say that I cannot imagine not having
comfort from Jesus’ love,
or unity
in the Spirit,
or tenderness
and compassion.

Readers, today yet another dear friend –
who has survived breast cancer multiple times - told me that during a completed unrelated medical emergency, CT scans revealed a lesion on her kidney. 

As I type these words, I’m thinking, 
“Really, LORD?  Really?  How many friends diagnosed with cancer does this make in the last two months?  Six? Seven?  And two of them are terminal.”

But, then this Scripture popped into my head:

And I realized:
I’m focusing on
how very big the problem is,
it is huge.
No doubt about it.


I need to be focusing
on how very big my God is.
And He’s big.
Really big.
Really Really Big.

So, my dear friends, 
Hold on.
Hold tight.
And just be held.
Just. Be. Held.  

Father God,
You are huge.  
You are powerful.
You are wise.
Please take these big, painful, scary problems and squash them like a bug.
And, Father?  
Please encourage and comfort my friends.
Please bring unity to their families, friends, and doctors that they make work as a team to have the victory!
Please let Your love, tenderness and compassion be the rule in each of their situations.
In Your precious Son’s name I pray.

Day 7, Gift 7
So, I’ve been doing a lot of cutting out felt and slow stitching on my grandbabies felt lunch.  It would make for boring pictures, so, I’m going to show you something I made a while ago. 

My husband and I were “shopping” in my gift tote.  Most of us have one.  It’s a tote filled with projects we’ve made throughout the year as gifts. 
My husband chose who would receive this tote. 

And I agreed. 
It’s a perfect choice.
He’s pretty smart, my man is. 

Here’s the post where I wrote about it.  It was a practice block for the $7.50 BOM held in Las Cruces, NM by Bernina Sewing and Design.  I had never made a Drunkard’s Path block before, so I made a practice block 
and then turned it into a tote.

So here you go:  Day 7, Gift 7. 

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  1. I love it - shopping in the UFO bag! Great idea! Thank you for sharing on Midweek Makers