Monday, December 5, 2016

Philippians 1:30. Day 3, Gift 3 Tortilla Warmers

Philippians 1:30.
Here is the last verse of chapter 1 and what a doosey it is!  Please note verses 29 and 30 are one sentence.  

To me, it’s 
important to read verses in context – at least the entire sentence!
Paul is pointing out that the Philippians are going through the same struggles he went through and continues to go through. 

The word “since” stops me in my tracks.  Let’s see what since means:

Definition of since

1.   1:  at a time in the past after or later than <has held two jobs since he graduated> :  from the time in the past when <ever since I was a child>
2.   2obsolete :  when
3.   3:  in view of the fact that :  because <since it was raining she took an umbrella>

Number three is the one that applies in this scripture.  Do you see the word “because”?  Let’s replace it in the verse and see how it sounds:

Thank God that Paul’s letter continues because Philippians 2:1 is encouraging indeed!
But, v. 30 is tough – you are suffering just as you saw I did – and still am. 
You know, when I was at MD Anderson in Houston, I felt at home.  In our hotel, I was surrounded by people
who were very sick,
whom I would soon look like.
The same held true at Texas Oncology.  I was surrounded by those who looked like me and were going through the same journey as I – more or less. 
Whereas, when I was home,
I was the only one without
and with the look of sickness in my face.
There was no mistaking how sick I was because I looked different from everyone else.  (Mind you, I’m not complaining – just stating a fact.)
But, I felt more at home with those
who were suffering the same as I was.
What I glean from these verses, 
what I really understand in my heart
about what Paul is saying is this:
“We’ve walked the same journey
of suffering and pain,
we are united by this,
we can beat this,
there’s power in numbers –
we got this.”
And, my dear,
so do you.
whatever you’re going through
someone else is too.
No man is an island.
Whatever you’re going through,
someone else is too. 
Nothing is new under the sun.
Whatever you’re going through,
someone else is too. 
You and God
got this.

Dear friend,
This is my truth.

God, sometimes
we feel so alone.
We mistakenly believe
that no one can possibly
our pain
our sin
our hurt.

So, we isolate ourselves
from friends,
from family,
from You.

But, in You we have victory!
We are not alone!
Regardless of our individual situations,
has walked this path before us,
is walking this path with us,
will walk this path after us.
Either way,
help us remember

Day 3, Gift 3:  Tortilla Warmers

OK, so I realized I can’t sew every day, so my day three is today!  J  I made these awesome tortilla warmers! 

They are so easy to make using this tutorial!  From what I’ve read, you put a stack (4) tortillas inside, microwave for 15 seconds, check the tortillas, add more time if needed, then enjoy! 

These two are finished and ready to go to their happy new homes!  This fabric was from Hobby Lobby.  I made my own binding tape.  Two more are on the way! 

Honestly, they are so easy to make that I’m making two more!  It took me less than an evening to make two!  I thought of more friends who would love them!  J

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