Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Philippians 2:1a (Part 3). Day 6, Gift 6: Scarf Tuesday To Do.

Philippians 2:1a
We receive encouragement from being united with Christ, but exactly what is encouragement?

Definition of encouragement

1:  the act of encouraging :  the state of being encouraged
2:  something that encourages

Ok.  It’s an act or state of being encouraged. 

So what is encourage?

Definition of encourage



1.            transitive verb
1a :  to inspire with courage, spirit, or hope :  hearten <she was encouraged to continue by her early success>b :  to attempt to persuade :  urge <they encouraged him to go back to school>
2:  to spur on :  stimulate <warm weather encourages plant growth>
3:  to give help or patronage to :  foster <government grants designed to encourage conservation>
In this case, I’m going with definition number one: 

to inspire with courage, spirit, or hope.

If we have any
or hope
from being united with Christ….wow.

Encouragement Card - Every Storm - Art for Women - Quotes for Women  - Art for Women - Inspirational Art
Again, as I stated here when we focused on the word “if”, it’s a choice.  Once we accept Jesus into our lives, He offers us
His Holy Spirit

Even in the darkest of times.
Even during the holidays,
When, for some, it can be a difficult time of year.
I understand.
I get it.
Remember, during the holiday season of 2014, I was
reeling from the shock of being diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer,
telling my family and close friends,
fighting with my insurance company.
As a child the holidays were not pinic either.
Jesus offers
His Holy Spirit
Can we,
dare we
reach out for such gifts?
Yes, my dear reader, emphatically,
We will feel His Joy,
Not our own human joy that is so fleeting,
His Joy.
And it is His Joy
that is our strength.
Nehemiah 8:10

This holiday season
my friends have a deep need of
Your encouragement,
Your courage,
Your Holy Spirit,
Your hope.

My heart breaks for two friends, LORD
because just this past weekend,
they were both were newly diagnosed with cancer!

And another is facing terminal cancer.

And several more are battling this hateful disease.

Father, be with them and their families.

Let us not run from them,
but run to them with Your joy,
which is our strength.

Be with those who have lost loved ones
And are so missing them during this time.
Comfort them.

Help us to celebrate the birth of Your Son with
and joy.

For this I thank you and praise You!

Dear Friend, 
this is my truth!

Day 6, Gift 6: Scarf 
So, I decided at the last minute to make my 6 year old grandson a scarf.  My daughter chose the color, I chose the pattern.  Tada!  Here it is!  Yes, it’s arranged more as a girl would wear it, but I love it!  And it’s a stash buster as I used part of a ball of Caron's Simply Soft yarn!  J  Win-win!

Here is a close up of the pattern.  It was really easy:

Chain 75.
Or you can do a 75 Foundation Double Crochet to skip all the chains!  Here’s a link to a great tutorial from New Stitch a Day.  They have both PDG and video formats.

Row 1-2:  Double crochet in each stitch.
Row 3:  X-Stitch across the row.  Here’s a link to this stitch’s tutorial.

Repeat rows 1-3 till it’s the width you like!  And that’s all folks! 

Easy peasy!

Full disclosure:  I sometimes double crocheted 2 rows, sometimes 3.  It’s really loosey goosey and up to you! 

I love using the X-stitch because, for me, it stands for the hugs and kisses I want to lavish on my loved ones! 

Have an awesome day, Everyone!

Tuesday To Do
Last week I focused on trying to feel better from a cold so my Tuesday To Do List was non-existent.  Here is this week's list:

To Do List for 12/13/16
Christmas Hand Sewing
Felt food

Christmas Sewing
My grand-dog’s Christmas gift
Secret Sewing for a friend’s Christmas gift


Finish Baby C’s Hat

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  1. I love the scarf!! It's been about 6 years since I've crocheted, but that definitely looks like a pattern I could handle! I'm sorry to read you weren't feeling well, I hope you are on the mend and feeling better this week! Hugs!

    1. Thank you for the hugs! :)
      I am feeling better.
      Even though the doctors say the chemo drugs are out of my system, something is definitely off because I'm catching every cold and cough that comes around! But, it's a great reason to sit and sew!
      I bet you could make the scarf! Please share if you do!
      Take good care!