Monday, December 12, 2016

Philippians 2:1a (Part 2). Me? A Give Away Winner? :) Day 5, Gift 5: More Tortilla Warmers

Philippians 2:1a (Part 2).
The rest of the story continued from here.

  APPLICATION continued.
Now, turning to Him is almost an automatic response. (I’m only human after all!)

Are we will to receive encouragement

from being united with Christ,
comfort from His love,
common sharing in the Spirit,

During times of suffering,
it is so much easier
to ask, “Why?”,
instead of asking,
“How can You use this trial?”,
to become bitter,
instead of better,
to become fear filled
instead of faith filled.

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May I encourage you to try
Faith-filled acceptance –
even if it’s a tiny
mustard seed faith?

May I encourage you to try
to asking,
“How can You use this trial?”,
instead of asking
to become better,
instead of bitter,
to become faith filled
instead of fear filled.


LORD, as we know, there are times when we automatically turn to fear instead of faith.  But, eventually we turn to You!  Please, LORD, You know what is going on in my family’s, friend’s, and reader’s lives!  I ask You to help them to remember to recognize and accept all the encouragement, comfort, tenderness and compassion Your Holy Spirit has to offer.  I thank You for all of these that we have available to us in times of discord or suffering.  Amen.

Me?  A Give Away Winner?!  😊
Have you heard of Amy's Scrapspot?  Well, if not, you just have to check out her upbeat blog!  She was having a jelly of a give away - a jelly roll!  And guess who won?!  

Yup, that's right!  I won a give away! 

And I thought it was all mine - 
until it came in.  
And then I realized 
these were the perfect colors 
for my daughter.
She is a stay at home mommy to four little ones under the age of 7.  She sacrifices so much for my grand babies, I just had to bless her, so I did. 

You should have seen the smile on her face!  Shes already making plans for the quilt she's going to make!

Thank you, Amy!  
You blessed both of us!  
Thank you for making my baby smile.  

I encourage you to stop by her blog for a chance to win this jelly roll!
Baltimore Blues JELLY ROLL by Barbara Brackman for Moda

Day 5, Gift 5:  More Tortilla Warmers
Here are some more tortilla warmers made from my larger scraps!
 Remember the tutorial I used? 

Did you spot my mistake?  Yup, I forgot to line the inside with unbleached muslin!  

I went ahead and remade them.

My daughter and I will be keeping the first two for ourselves.  After much debate and texting her and a friend, we decided they would be safe as the fabric dyes should wash out with the first washing. 


  1. Happy mail is always a treat. How nice you shared yours with your daughter. Thanks for linking up with Oh Scrap!

    1. Yes, I love happy mail! Thank you for hosting the party! :)

  2. Your daughter is a lucky girl. Those fabrics are gorgeous.

    1. Thank you for stopping by and commenting! She's an wonderful young lady! I'm blessed to have her in my life! :)

  3. As usual, I love your message today. Such a great reminder!!
    Your tortillia warmers are awesome! I will totally have to try those!
    I'm so glad I was able to bless 2 for the price of 1 with my giveaway!
    You are so welcome!! I hope you will share what your daughter creates with the jelly! =D

    1. Thank you for your kind comments! I'm glad you like the tortilla warmers! I used mine yesterday. I placed three flour tortillas in the warmer then heated them for 30 seconds. Perfection! :)
      I'm pretty sure my daughter will share!
      Take good care!