Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Speak? Live.

Today I read Proverbs 29 and, while a couple of verses really spoke to me, verse 20 really stood out.  I learned a valuable lesson about another scripture close to my heart.  First, let's look at Proverbs 29:20.
This scripture immediately reminded me of my husband, who is so thoughtful in his speech.  I hoped to be a person like him, who speaks thoughtfully, yet as these words were written, the LORD reminded me that we are all individuals.  He reminded me that many times my spontaneous remarks bring joy to my listeners.  

Another reminder not to compare myself to others, but to enjoy and rejoice in their positives attributes - and my own.  

Psalm 139:14

I'm slowly learning about this thing called living after cancer.  It's strange.  I still think about it everyday, though not as often.  I asked someone, "How do I move on now?  How do I 'live my life' now?"  She said, "How did you get here?  Did you drive yourself?"
Yes, I did.  She told me, "You go to  your car, drive yourself home, and live."

Sounds simple.  

Feels more complicated.  

Is it really that complicated?  That big of a question.  Can I be getting so lost in the question that I'm not allowing myself to live the life God gave me?  Then I remembered this lesson learned from a childhood Christmas movie, Santa Claus is Coming To Town. Wow, I'm really dating myself, aren't I?  :)

So, I'm living life by simply putting one foot in front of the other.  I hope this helps other cancer survivors to live their lives as well.  

For today, this is my truth.

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