Thursday, December 31, 2015

Good bye 2015. Hello 2016! Flawless.

Good bye 2015.  Hello 2016!
On December 31, 2014, last New Year's Eve, I had been living 6 weeks since my cancer diagnosis.  

6 weeks.
A puppy needs to be with their mama 6 weeks until they're "weaned".

6 weeks.
The usual time for recovery from surgeries.

6 weeks.  
At the end of 2014, I listed the issues that had arisen since my diagnosis.  Here they are with their current status:

My sister-in-law was battling her second bout of breast cancer.
   - Her last treatment will be next month.  She continues to have a strong, positive attitude.  And who wouldn't?  She will be greeting her a grandchild from her daughter!  Last year at this time, she was fighting for her life - and still is.  This year she is preparing to greet a new life!

My Aunt was undergoing radiation therapy to treat her breast cancer.
   - She has successfully completed radiation and is cancer free.  She is back to taking care of her "orphan" cats!

     - I'm cancer free - a survivor.  I've realized that I'm not ready to call myself a "thriver" yet.  But soon.  I'm even more in love with my dear husband, closer to my son, taking in the beautiful views of nature from all around me.  I have found a new "quiet time" space in my craft studio next to my window.  The view is beautifully inspiring.  One foot in front of the other to a new life.  Hello 2016!

                               Happy New Year to all of you!
new years quote
During my 6 weeks (ha!  another 6 weeks time frame!)  of radiation, I discovered a phenomenal Christian radio station - KLOVE!  As I drove down Mesa to Texas Oncology I would listen to it - sometimes blasting it as a specific song spoke to my spirit.  I would even sometimes sing to it as loud as I could - not a pretty sound - but hey, God hears my singing through my Big Brother, so it's o.k!  I purchased these songs and now listen to them at home, as well as to KLOVE.  

Yesterday He gave me a song that I sang all morning.  It was a great time of being in His presence as I went through my morning activities.  I was also preaching to myself through music, reminding myself of the lessons He taught me during those 6 weeks - and knowing that those lessons still stand.  I also know I will continue to glean from them in the future.

Then, this morning, at the same time, the LORD gave me another song!  Then I realized He wanted me to share them with you.  Sometimes, I may share the same song more than once - it's His plan - not mine!  :)  Here's the part I sang!

And here's the song!  Enjoy!

We all have bumps, bruises, hurts - but by the blood of Jesus, we are flawless.  This year, I have definitely experienced bumps, bruises and hurts, but by the blood of Jesus, I am an overcomer - and so are you my dear friend, so are you!

For today, this is my truth.  

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