Friday, January 1, 2016

"Frimly Held". Just be held.

Firmly Held
This title is from a reading in Praying Through Cancer by Susan Sorenson and Laura Geist. It was recommended to me by a lady I met at our local breast cancer survivor's meeting.  I highly recommend giving it to anyone you know who is going through cancer.  Today I read "Firmly Held" by Melinda Merwin.  This quote stood out to me:

"When my hold on You is weak, 
Your grip on me is firm."
- Melinda Merwin

How true is that?  Please note, even
 - when our faith is weak, 
- when our fears are strong,
- when our hope is flickering,
- when our hold on His is weak - or we have let go of Him, 


Melinda Merwin's scripture reference was Isaiah 41:13.

For I am the LORD your God,
who takes hold of your right hand and 
says to you, 
"Do not fear, I will Help you."

Please see the visual in this verse - it is God who is taking hold of our right hand - not the other way around.  He takes hold of us. So, 
- when our faith is weak - He takes hold of us,
- when our fears are strong, - He takes hold of us,
- when our hops is flickering - He takes hold of us,
- When our hold is weak o or we have let go of Him - He takes hold of us!

Hallelujah!  Sometimes, in the midst of a crisis, I have to simply allow myself to just be held by my loving Father.  

Which leads me to another "song lesson" I learned while in El Paso.

My dear loved one, in faith allow yourself to 
Just Be Held.

For today, this is my truth!

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