Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Wednesday's Word #2. Crocheted Dishcloths!

Wednesday's Word #2
Here is another promise from my Promise Box and from my Reading of Don't Throw in the Towel - Hope Again by Jana Alcorn.
Here is an easier to read version.  

Interestingly enough, the LORD seems to sending me verses about resting. Life can be hard and complicated.  
I'm finding great peace and serenity as I learn to rest in and trust my LORD and Savior instead of focusing on what can be petty circumstances - especially when compared to my God.  

Someone once said that, when we get to Heaven, we will be surprised at what a small, insignificant being the defeated one is.  I'm trying to have that perspective now - on Earth.  
I'm learning to focus foremost on love, on God.  
Am I always sucessful?  Nope.  
Am I trying?  Yup. 

Progress, not perfection.  

Crocheted Dishcloths
Here are dishcloths 19-21/52 for the #yarnhoardersdishclothchallenge!  I'm slowly making my way to 52 dishcloths!  

It's a bit of crafting that I have been able to accomplish this week between observations and out-of-town doctor appointments for myself and a family member.  

Tomorrow our sewing group will be making Christmas place mats for the nursing home residents who kindly host us!  And, hopefully, this weekend will find me at my sewing machine.  

Looking forward to 
reading your comments!  

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  1. You are almost halfway there on the dish cloths, good luck with your plans for 50. Hope you get in a bit of sewing this week. Sewing always helps me on the "being restful front".

    1. Thank you! Yes, sewing/crocheting is the same for me! I'm so excited because this weekend my husband will be working on his craft - cars - so I can sew Friday night and all day Saturday! Yup! I'll be cleaning house Friday morning and planning delicious crock-pot meals! Yea!!

  2. It is so amazing when we find that God gives us the right words, just when we need them. He sees us and cares for us.
    Wow! Great to crochet 52 cloths and they are so wonderful! In addition, you are soon half way. :-)

  3. Looks like you put your time at the doctors office to good use - well done!