Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Thoughtful Tuesday. To Do Tuesday. OMG! & 1 Xmas a Month Done!

Thoughtful Tuesday
"The Call" comes in.  We all know "the call"; the one that breaks our heart, sends on a tailspin.  What if we could remember all of God's promises in those first moments?  What if we had at the ready a tool to use to pray and fight the enemy.  
Kim Sorgious @ Not Consumed found an answer:  a Promise Box and an altar.  The altar is in the works, but I found an easy way not only to make the Promise Box, but also to maintain it as well.  
I used these supplies:
To make make this:
And store everything, 
including supplies, like this:

Pretty, purpose-filled and a powerful tool!
Thank you, Kim, for sharing such a powerful tool that reminds us of God's promises!  

To Do Tuesday
Last Week's List
1) Backpack:  Hopefully get through at least 1/2 of section 3's instructions. X
2) Oreo Orca by Funkcy Friends is a finished project which was also my OMG @ Elm Street Quilts!  I missed the link up to post him, but that's ok!  I'll develop that habit!  He also counts for my 1 Xmas a Month!  He came out really cute and is ready to go swimming!  I'm linking up to share this finish!  

 3) If I'm able, I would like to finish the green flowers for my Spring Granny Square Afghan! ✔
4) Finish the flimsy for Comfort Quilt 3.  X
5) Trim my four patches.  
My granddaughter made this gorgeous bird house for me in her Art Class.

This Week's List
1) Backpack #2:  Finish 1/2 of section 3. 
2) Finish the flimsy for Comfort Quilt #3.  
3) Cut out the fabric for my next OMG as well as my 1 Xmas a Month - meet Patch the Pussy Cat!
4) Begin joining my Spring Granny Square Afghan using the join-go-as-you method.  Here's the instructional video by Maria at Maria's Blue Crayon Tube Channel

5) Ongoing projects on which I simply want to make progress on:
     a.  Sew together more four patches.  
     b.  Connect another yo-yo flower.  
     c.  Grandmother's Flower Garden Quilt
     d.  Prayer shawl #9

Hope you will visit and link up to these great parties!


  1. That little orca is a cutie! How fun that your granddaughter made that cute little birdhouse for you. Those gifts are the best!

    1. I so love the gifts she makes me...they are filled with so much thought and love! My grandson should enjoy hugging him and sleeping with him! I eager to hear what he thinks about the glow-in-the-dark fabric!

  2. I like you promise box. That is really a good idea for remembering God promises.
    Such a lovely gift you received from your granddaughter. :-)

    1. Thank you! My promise box was given to me by a friend many years ago. Yes, my granddaughter is so very thoughtful! :)

  3. It looks like you have a few different and fun projects in progress as we all do. I wish you well on your journey toward achieving your goals.

    I love your Oreo Orca.

    1. Yes, I do have a ton of projects going on.....I'm thinking about working on one at a time....we'll see! Thank you for your good wishes and for loving Oreo! I bet he gets a lot of hugs!

  4. I recognize that promise box! Went to the website & printed the promise cards up and plan to use one of the bags Nicolle made for them. Thank you! For sharing! Love the Orca it truly looks so cuddly and so adorable! She really worked diligently on the bird house and picked out the colors specifically for you!

    so adorable!

    1. I wondered if you would recognize it! :) Yes, Nicolle's pouches come in so handy! I'm now working on the ".... cat!" Remember? She knows me so well, doesn't she? :)

  5. Super cute Orca! Lots of fun at your place for sure!

    1. Yes, Ma'm! It's filled with little ones with special requests! :)

  6. The Orca came out beautifully. My friend has a metal ring holding index cards...she lists scriptures or thoughts on them for easy reading.

    1. Thank you! Your friend sounds like a smart cookie! Great idea and it's also portable!

  7. That scripture has gotten me through some really tough times, and it's one of my favorites! LOVE the Orca! He is so well done. And those 4-patch blocks are just so cheery; I love those fabrics!