Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Thoughtful Tuesday. To Do Tuesday

Thoughtful Tuesday
Betsy de Cruz @ Faith Spilling Over wrote this fabulous post titled "When You Need to Invite Jesus In" that reminds us that regardless of the storm we found ourselves in, we need not fear.  At the end of her post, she has an  journal prompt that I'm sure will minister to many of us.  Why not give it a try?  

To Do Tuesday
Last Week's List
1) Backpack #2:  Finish 1/2 of section 3 ✔
2) Finish my August 1 Xmas Item a Month - Patch the Pussy Cat 
3) Begin joining my Spring Granny Square Afghan using the join-go-as-you method.  ✔
4) Ongoing projects:  
     a.  Sew together more four patches.  X
     b.  Connect another yo-yo flower.  X
     c.  Grandmother's Flower Garden Quilt ✔
     d.  Prayer shawl #9 is completed!  ✔  It can be worn two ways!  

This Week's List
1) Backpack #2:  Finish Section 4 of instructions
2) Begin my September 1 Xmas Item a Month - A crocheted Winnie the Pooh
3) Continue joining my Spring Granny Square Afghan using the join-go-as-you method.  
4) Sew together Blocks 1 & 2 of the Fall Into A QAL. Have you checked out this fun QAL?  
5) Ongoing projects:  
     a.  Sew together more four patches.
     b.  Connect another yo-yo flower.  
     c.  Grandmother's Flower Garden Quilt 
     d.  Make progress on Prayer Shawl #10

Hope you will visit and link up to these great parties!

Your comments are always a 
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  1. Hi Friend! Thank you for the faith reminders. Patch the Pussy Cat is adorable! Great job finishing prayer shawl #9. And #10 prayer shawl is beautiful.

    1. Hi there! I sure enjoy your posts on Instagram! Thank you for your kind words!

  2. I love the yarn in the prayer shawl number 10. So pretty.

    1. Yes, with yarn that pretty almost anything will look beautiful.....I crochet through my stash so I can buy more....if I can wait! :) Thinking of you....

  3. You seem to have a pretty healthy list of goals for the week.

    I am moving slow this week. I went back to school and am pretty tired when I get home.

    1. Yes, I'm sure you're exhausted. I remember that first week of school was so draining - as can be the rest of the weeks. My lists are becoming smaller...surprisingly...I'm calmer and getting more done that way. I hope you have a fabulous school year with stupendous holiday breaks when they come!

  4. Thanks for the Faith link, I'll be looking at it.

    My head is spinning from reading what you have planned for this week! You will have busy fingers!

    1. You are so welcome! You know, Sharon, I've just lately begun to shorten my to-do list. It can be overwhelming and take the joy out of crafting. I was just writing a comment response that, surprisingly, I'm getting more done this way and am so much more calmer. The tail is no longer wagging the dog, so to speak! :)