Sunday, August 13, 2017

Saturday's Song. Slow Stitching Sunday - Decisions? Stash Report. Crafty Cops.

Saturday's Song
Birthe from Birthes Room sent me this beautiful song in her comment and I was so touched I just had to share it with you! May you be blessed and encouraged!
 Thank you so much Birthe!    

Slow Stitching

I'm undecided as to what to Slow Stitch today. So here are the possibilities:
1.  Continue to work on and possibly finish my Fabri Flair project?

2.  Continue to work on and possibly finish my Around the House project?

3.  Play crochet with a Prayer Shawl?  

I'll let you know in my next posts who won!  :)

Stash Report
I made eight 12.5"  scrappy Crafty Cop Blocks* which used about 3/4 of a yard.  

I figured this yardage by using the "Quilting Calc" app by Robert Kaufman - which I use all the time! I am prepping a tutorial for this fabulous app for next week!

Fiber Stash Report:  August 13, 2017
(started 6/11/17)
Fabric used this week
3/4  yds
Fabric used to date
17 1/8 yds
Fabric Added this week
0 yds
Fabric Added this year
13 1/8yds

Net Fabric
4 yds

Yarn used this week
7 oz  
Yarn used to date
78 oz
Yarn Added this week
0 oz
Yarn Added to date
41 oz
Net Yarn
37 oz
I'm still in the black and very surprised at how much fiber I go through!

I realized I'm not even including my RSC blocks in "fabric used"!  I will next week though! Every bit helps!

*Christine at Stitch All Things wrote a great description of this wonderful charity which is run by Jessica @craftycop on Instagram.  Her account is private, but if you message her about your interest, she'll get back with you!  

Here are my link ups!  I hope you check them out!


  1. Happy stitching. Sooner or later they will all get done.

  2. So nice to have a choice when sewing. That's why I always have several irons in the fire!

    1. Right? I'm liking having choices in sewing and in life! Thank you for stopping by and commenting!

  3. So many great possibilities...have fun!

    1. Thank you! I hope you also had a great sewing day! Thank you for stopping by and commenting!

  4. I am looking forward to seeing what you decided to work on today. All those projects are beautiful.

    1. Thank you, Cathie! I decided to do a bit of crochet along with housework! It stormed quite a bit here, so I spent some time staring out the windows as well. Such a relaxing Sunday! Thank you for stopping by and commenting!

  5. You really can't go wrong with whichever project you decide to work on. However, I do adore a mixed embroidery and quilt project, so "Around the House" would be poking at me to work on it if it were at my house. Have a great day! Andrea

    1. Right? This project will be a during the week project for sure! Doesn't embroidery and quilting seem to go so well together! Thank you for stopping by and commenting!

  6. I'm very glad that you enjoyed the song about God's care and about the footprints in the sand. I think you are lucky that can choose from several great handwork projects. I look forward to seeing which one you chose. :-)

  7. Thank you, Birthe! This week I've been working on the Fabri Flair project. With classes starting again, this project seems perfect! Thank you for stopping by!