Monday, February 16, 2015

Moving. A Seemingly Endless Wait. A Ministry?

Hello There!

Imagine our disappointment this morning at breakfast when we learned the first available appointment with an oncologist would be this Friday morning!   After the shock, we decided to move to less expensive accommodations.  Up to this point, we'd been staying in an 800 square foot 2 bedroom/bathroom loft apartment with a full kitchen and living area.  Also, breakfast and dinner were provided, as well as beautifully landscaped exteriors, pool, basketball and volleyball courts, covered patio with a barbecue grill and, of course laundry facilities.  We moved to its sister company.  

We share the same facilities.  The main difference is no daily maid service (I think I can survive that one!), and we provide our own dinner.  No problem.   We've also moved closer to a friend I made here.  This apartment has a Murphy bed!   This is so cool as we've never seen one before!   Very cool!  

I finished the binding on the quilt and am now working on my yo-yo quilt.   Here is inspiration for that quilt:

I'm alternating between that one and the Grandmother's Flower Garden my daughter and I are working on. She is really taking off and making hexagons. She's even teaching me easier ways to connect. Keep in mind Both of these quilts are hand stirched.  So even though the two of us are far apart, this project keeps us close.  And here is the inspiration for this quilt:


I'm sorry for the large pictures, posting from our IPad and need to learn how to modify them.  

My son will be returning home sooner than us.  He was unemployed for only two weeks and he found a job!   So, though I'll miss him, it's time for him to go home.  He's so funny!   He's kept us laughing and upbeat.  I love him so!

I hung out in the lobby/dining area as I sewed on the yo-yo quilt this morning.  It was lovely!  Eventually a few ladies stopped by to see what I was making!   How exciting!   

I met a beautiful lady from Dubai that I had noticed beforehand.  She is  obviously very ill and in constant pain.   Her husband tenderly guides her through the lobby and serves her her meals.  As we spoke he went outside and gave us privacy.  

After surviving breast cancer survivor for 14 years, she now has bone cancer.  She and I spoke as best as we could.  She asked what I was making and I showed her the picture above and the pieced part I have.  Then I gave her a yo-yo flower. She cried with joy.  I couldn't believe it!   She's obviously very wealthy and this small gift made from scrap fabric blessed her so much!  He joyful tears blessed me immensely.  We hugged many times, cried together as only sisters can and let each other know we would be praying for each other.  

Then I met another lady from India.  We talked about the quilt.  She left quickly after my husband came back to our table. I'm hoping to sit there sewing every morning and perhaps we can eventually all pray together!  Would you join me in praying for God's will in this potential international mission field?

All things work together!

And that my dear loved ones is my truth.  


  1. Beautiful story about the ladies you are meeting. I sure hope you aren't facing a parking lot again!!!!

  2. The more I think about it, the more I am amazed that God needed you to stay in Houston another week to make a difference in other's lives. Wow....... what a blessing for you and them.