Thursday, February 19, 2015

A bit of romance.

Well, we've left Houston and are spending the night in beautiful San Antonio. Being that our anniversary was this week, we had already planned to spend our anniversary week here. My husband found a beautiful hotel with the Tuscan decor that he knows I love! And that was just the beginning of a beautiful evening that he planned for me.

We spent a relaxing afternoon and evening exploring the Riverwalk! The weather couldn't have been better - it was as if God smiled down on us and gave us a gift of  sunshiny weather. 

We explored the shops all afternoon, dined right on the river, and then explored some more. My wonderful husband hired a trio of mariachis to serenade me. They sang two of our songs, Sin ti and El reloj. One of these days in your copious spare time you should look at the lyrics of those songs. They are beautiful, and truly inspire romance and love.

As the mariachis serenaded me, my husband held me tenderly in his arms as we both quietly smiled and wept at the same time.  We're joyful realizing how blessed we truly are to continue to share such a deep love after 34 years.   Yet we know the road ahead will be challenging.  

Afterwards, I realized we were putting on quite a show for the people around us! A professional photographer was flashing away!

 Our evening culminated in a romantic ride on one of San Antonio's famous riverboats. It was beautiful! My husband is the most loving, romantic, tender husband in the world!  

Life is good my dear friends life is good. I've been blessed with a wonderful man, children who love me and take care of me, my son-in-law, my grandchildren, my parents, my sister, my friends, my extended family, my prayer warriors......I am blessed.

For today that is my truth.

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