Friday, February 13, 2015

Good news

You all are my encouragement, my support and my loving witnesses!   You are greatly appreciated.  Thank you for your texts, notecards, emails and phone calls.  They indeed help.   My daughter has been sending pictures of my grand babies.  They really help.  I even got a picture of her at a basketball game!   She has joined me in making my Grannother' Flower Garden quilt.  It's all hand sewn.  I love that we have this common interest in sewing!

I thank God every time I think of you!  Right, Deb?  ;)

We saw the surgeon and he recommended a bit of a change because of the lymph node situation.  He recommends:
1) surgery to put in the port,
2) chemotherapy,
3) come back to Houston to repeat mammos and see the effect the chemotherapy had on the nodes and the tumor,
4) surgery - meaning a lumpectomy and a procedure on the nodes, 
5) and finally radiation.  

This is good news.  Of course his recommendations are based on what the oncologist says.  Next steps are calling MD Anderson to set up an appointment with an oncologist ASAP.  As my husband got on the phone to obtain authorization from the insurance company, my son took me for a long walk.  

We found a shop called "Appearances". The kind lady there taught me how to wear the various hats, scarves and headbands so I can look stylish during chemo.  My son has been so patient and loving!   

We've met a lot of interesting people here.  A gentleman who taught me why our spoken words are so powerful-after all, did not God speak the world into existence?  I've been dealing with a lot of guilt for the pain and such I'm putting my family through.  I asked this wise gentleman if he felt the same. He confidently relied, "Why? This isn't my fault."  Amen.   I'm finding peace on this trip.  

My men took me to the Houston Zoo.  It was so beautiful!   

When Karen got here, I realized how nice it was to have another woman here.  On that first night, she made me laugh so much my stomach hurt!   

We went to the aquarium and Paradise Beach in Galveston.  That was so wonderful to be reminded of God's immense power to hold back the waters - so this is nothing!   Thank you, Vicky, for teaching me that lesson so many years ago!   

While we were at the aquarium my strong hubby was advocating for me with the insurance company.  He got the authorization for me to see an oncologist almost right away!   

Karen and my son rode the "Lighthouse Dive" five times!    

This is amazing considering my son is terrified of heights!   His courage convinced me to ride as well.  I screamed the whole time!  When I wasn't screaming in terror I was telling my grown man son that he was grounded - for life!  

I have so much to be grateful for on this trip:   My husband, my son (who gave up his week and Valentine's Day), my friend driving eight hours round trip to support me, your texts and phone calls, the wonderful suite we are living in, my Lord and Savior's support, love and guidance.theres so much more to be grateful for!   I'm blessed.   

For today, this is my truth.  

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