Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Tuesday' Thoughts: Glorious Unfolding Part 2. To Do Tuesday. "I Like".

Tuesday' Thoughts: Glorious Unfolding Part 2

On Sundays I feature a favorite song.  Last Sunday I started a mini series on Steven Curtis Chapman's song, Glorious Unfolding.  

Let's continue this series.

The first part of the chorus is our focus today.  

And this is going to be a glorious unfolding
Just you wait and see and you will be amazed
You’ve just got to believe the story is so far from over
So hold on to every promise God has made to us

"So hold onto every promise God has made to us."

Countless times we lose hope because we don't know the promises of God!  

When I first heard this part of Hosea 4:6 preached, my heart was forever changed.  I determined at that point and time that I would  not be destroyed by a lack of knowledge.  

It would serve us well to learn the promises of God and then pray them over our own lives! To get us started, here are the online search results on the promises of God.  

Do you have difficulty memorizing the Scripture?  You're not alone!  Here are some possible solutions to help you keep His Word handy!  

1.  As you find a verse that touches your heart, write it down in your journal or on your phone! 

2.  Send yourself text message with the promises of God! 

By knowing the promises of God, we must call them into God's remembrance, pray them over ourselves and believe.   

Next time I'll be addressing that very issue:  praying over ourselves.

For now, I pray you have been blessed by this little devotional.   

4/22:  updated to include video 

To Do Tuesday Checklist
Last Week's List
* Cutting out 10 blocks for my Qube Crush quilt that I started last year!  👎 

* Order the pictures for my daughter's Memory Book 2021. 👍 Walmart is the only local place that prints the pictures how I like them and they changed this size to delivery only.  So, I bought a Sprocket and will just print them out! 

* Make progress on my afghan 👍

* Make progress on sewing the binding on my St. Patrick's Day table topper. 👍 This precious topper is finished.  Soon I'll have the larger one to bind!  
This Week's List
* Cut out the 10 Qube Crush blocks.  Yes, I'm stubborn.  :)  

* Learn to use the Sprocket, print out the pictures and complete the March section of my daughter's Memory Book!

* Depending on how my hand holds out, I hoping to finish the Comfort/Wine afghan!

*  I want to start binding my $7.50 quilt from so long ago.

I love how our Southern New Mexico sun plays on the quilt!

I Like
Every Thursday LeeAnna at Not Afraid of Color hosts a fabulous link up called "I Like".  It's an opportunity to find things we like throughout our week.  We share them in her link up.  It helps me to find beauty in everyday circumstances as well as to cultivate gratitude for the life God has given me.  
Here are my likes for this week!
Family, food, friends....these are the basis of many beautiful memories.  Here are some foods that were shared this month as we made beautiful memories.

Many years ago my dear friends from Okinawa taught me how to make fried rice!  It's a huge winner in my family!
This Bundt cake helped us celebrate a special occasion.  update:  This delicious cake was from Nothing Bundt Cakes!
Who doesn't love a fresh fruit salad?
Here is a meal we shared during Lent with some traditional, and not so traditional, comidas de cuaresma (foods consumed during Lent).

I Like Playing with Paper
I love my Happy Planner Recipe Book! It's a great way to store our new low-fat recipes!
Here is a recipe from for our beef soup, though to be honest, I never measure my veggies. Instead I just add a great variety of veggies without measuring the quantity!  
I Like.....
Chico, Mia and Kitty
I love how Mia and Kitty are becoming snuggle buddies.  Can you see Chico's tail?  

Take good care, everyone!  Until next time!


  1. What awesome projects you have going on! Good luck on your weekly list. Thanks for linking up with To-Do Tuesday!

  2. I love having a cookbook that I can write out my recipes, and possibly change them up to lower calorie. Your rice looks yummy as does your cake. Lovely quilts. Love your shamrock one.

  3. Your blue, red, and yellow quilt is gorgeous! Lots of yummy food on your menus this week, too. I think it is so fun when cats and dogs get along and cuddle together. Cute photo!

  4. yum to ALL that food! I want to come over to eat at your house! Basket of sweeties there at the end.

  5. I like your table topper. That bundt cake looks yummy!