Sunday, April 11, 2021

Saturday's Song: Not For a Moment. Slow Stitching: Binding and Prayer Shawls. Stash Report. Book Date.

 Saturday's Song:  Not For a Moment

These lyrics are so very true!  Even when we don't feel God's comfort and nearness, He is with us!  In fact, He goes before us - before that trial even started, He was there! 

He is indeed unchanging and will keep His promises!
We are but mere humans, but He is God!  He has been, is and will be at our side through all time!  Beloved, our names are written on the palm of His hand - you are not forgotten - He walks with you.

Slow Stitching

I made a couple of table toppers for St. Patrick's Day.  Though they weren't ready for this year, they will be ready for next year!  I found the pattern on the We All Sew blog.  

This table topper was four blocks and my other one is three blocks by three blocks.  I'll be squaring it up and binding this baby today!  

Stash Report 4/11/21

My thoughtful daughter gifted me this beautiful Kaffe Fassett Layer Cake!

I also thought I might need a couple more skeins of yarn to finish this afghan.  This yarn is a breeze to crochet with and the project goes up quickly!

Yards of Fabric In Since January 1, 2021


Yards of Fabric Out Since     January 1, 2021  




Goal:  100 yards




Ounces of Yarn In Since January 1, 2021


Ounces of Yarn Out Since January 1, 2021




Goal:  200 ounces


Book Date

This week was a slow reading week after getting my 2nd Pfizer vaccine.  The only side effect I had was fatigue, so the pups and I napped - a lot.  :)

Daisies Are Forever and Great Expectations are still my current reads.  

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  1. Great layer cake! I haven't read any of those books. The first one looks vintage.

  2. Loved the verses you shared. The Bookshop of Yesterdays is intriguing!

  3. What a lovely St. Patrick's Day project... thanks for linking up the pattern for us!
    So happy your were able to get a vaccine! Stay well!

  4. Love that shamrocks table topper. Yes best to nap if feeling tired after the vaccination, hope you'll be feeling better soon and onto some great reading and quilting!!

  5. I love your St. Patrick's Day quilt!!! And what a beautiful, fun gift from your daughter!!!!!

  6. That song is so powerful and your words to go with it are too.

    I'm glad you didn't have many side effects from the vaccine.

    I'm also happy you managed to get in some reading after all.