Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Tuesday's Thoughts. To Do Tuesday. Quilting: Geckos and a New Method. I Like

Tuesday's Thoughts 

A friend and I were discussing enemies and how this word applies to our lives.  Webster defines enemy as "one that is antagonistic to another".  

My friend stated that ,to her, "enemies" are also her own character flaws that separate her from God.  When she sees "enemies" in the Word, she will frequently replace it with whatever is causing her to stumble.  

A very simple example in my own life would be games on my phone.  They are such a time thief, but I find it difficult to stop.  I'm replacing enemies with time on my phone in the verse.

When you go to war against your time on your phone and see horses and chariots and an army greater than yours, do not be afraid of them, because the Lord your God, who brought you up out of Egypt, will be with you.  Deuteronomy 20:1.

I will pray that the LORD help me to put boundaries on this activity.  Furthermore, I will ask Him for the wherewithal to put my phone down.  I might even read a few articles for tips.  Naturally, this is a very simplistic, albeit realistic example.   

Enemies can take many forms:  illness, our thought patterns, character flaws, addictions - the list can be as long as eternity itself!  Thank God that He promises His presence as we go into battles against our enemies! 

After continued time with God, He brought this verse to mind:

Let us recognize who the real enemy is and then wage war fully confident in the knowledge that God is among us!

Quilty Projects!
Together with a desire to make a quilt, a few pieces of fabric and my Accuquilt, these blocks came to life as a new quilt:  Geckos All Around!

I wanted the turquoise to be the focus, so I tried grey corners.

Much better.  So, my seam ripper and I spent some quality time together and I'm liking the results.  After a good pressing, we'll be well on our way.

I'm trying a new piecing method my daughter mentioned.  Instead of sewing her blocks into rows, she sews them in 4 patches.  Then she joins the patches. Finally she sews her rows.  This leads to less long seams in her quilts - which always come out so beautifully.  I decided to give it a go.  

To Do Tuesday Checklist
My list is pretty short, but ambitious.
  • Turn Geckos All Around into a flimsy and make the backing.
  • Order the pictures for my daughter's Memory Book 2021.
Fingers crossed and prayers up that it all gets done!

I Like
I love to crochet prayer shawls and afghans!  These two prayer shawls were just completed and delivered!

I love making dishcloths from this yarn.  It's Yarn Bee Sugarwheel Cotton in Sprinkles on Top!  

Hobby Lobby's Yarn Bee Midnight Plum stitches up so fast and it's snuggly!
Image from:  https://www.hobbylobby.com/Yarn-Needle-Art/Yarn/Midnight-Plum

Playing With Paper
I've been enjoying playing with paper lately in the form of scrapbooking and Happy Planners.  One of my favorite planners is the Book Club journal/planner!

Here is a #beforethepen peek at April's reading plan.  
And a peek at last week's reading journal pages......
I stocked up on the cute matching Bookish stickers and Book Club planners during the clearance sales at my nearby Hobby Lobby stores.    

Online Fun
I'm starting to post on my Instagram account again! Here are a few posts that caught my eye or that were shared with me!

This video by @chi.inboston makes me laugh every time I watch it!
In this time of increasing awareness to be kind, let's remember to be kind to ourselves as well.

Isn't this a lovely scrapghan by @umit.ria?
@rachelwojo 's 
Bible Reading Plans are always a blessing.


  1. Thanks for linking up today! Looks like you have a good plan for creating a cute quilt!

  2. I like how you personalized the verses. I am not a prisoner to my phone. It is usually dead out of sight somewhere, but I am on my computer most of the day. I read blogs and comments and play solitaire. But I have to be on the computer as I am trying to complete several courses for my doctorate. Balance. and I have discovered that I am sort of ADHD and that has been part of my journey. I listen to instrumental worship music when I work and the real loud stuff when I play or am stitching.

  3. I like your gecko blocks with the gray and the yellow. Sometimes keeping the To Do list short helps me focus on a finish. I hope it does that for you too. I really like your Book Club book and would love to know how you made the cover. Mine is just a spiral notebook from Walmart with poor attempts at doodle art on the pages with my book notes.

  4. What an awesome piece on enemies. They say we are our own worst enemies at times. Yep I am right there with you when it comes to playing on my phone. I am trying to set limits. As to being kind to yourself, I think as a woman we are almost made to feel bad if we take time...definitely the Mary and Martha scenarious which my friends and I talk about all the time. Love your Gecko blocks and that video is hilarious! A friend recently shared this--You can "rewire" your brain to be happy by simply recalling 3 things you are grateful for every day for 21 days in a row!

  5. The gecko fabric is great, and I love how you made it the focus of your blocks! Your planner looks fun and useful all at the same time!