Sunday, April 26, 2020

Saturday's Song. Slow Stitching. Sunday Stash Report.

Saturday's Song
The ending of this morning's service at our church, online of course, reminded me that we can remember who we are!  We are God's children - we are victorious. 
Naturally, we will have bad days.  During this time of isolation, the defeated one will try to attack us via our weaknesses.  But sing this song back to him and remind him who you are in Christ!  
We are children of the one true King!
Yes, we will have sad, difficult days.  Absolutely.  But when the defeated one whispers trash in our ear, let's shout our victory in his ear!  Amen?

Slow Stitching
I've had a weekend of slow stitching.  Of course, work continues on my Grandmother's Flower Garden.  

Today, I decided to pick up my long lost project, my crocheted selvage throw rug.  
I first read about it in August of 2019 at Nancy's blog, Grace and Peace Quilting and loved the concept!  So far, here's my progress.  
It measures roughly 50" by 6" and its future home will be by my cutting table.  I've already stepped on it and it feels so comfortable.  The selvages from the masks I've been making as well as donations from my sweet daughter and a sewing friend have helped this little project along.   

Stash Report
Fabric in
The last 2 weeks:  6 yards
This year: (since April 1) 7.5 yards
Fabric out
The last 2 weeks:  13.90
This year: (since April 1) 20.56

I've finished a scrappy, very scrappy (to me)  baby quilt, many pleated masks and some special order masks as well.  

The last 2 weeks:  0 ouncesYarn in
This year (since April 1) : 0 ounces
Yarn out
This week:  42 ounces I finished an afghan which I'll be sharing later this week.  Update:  Here it is!  
This year (since April 1) : to be honest, I haven't kept track, so I'll begin with this week's numbers.  :)

Blessings to all!
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  1. That's going to be a big floor mat! Good luck, it will get rather heavy, I expect. I knitted a much smaller one with my selvedge and it sits in front of the laundry tub. In fact, I'm thinking of making another one to use up the rest of the selvedges, making it easier when one is washed and drying.

  2. I did a rug like that out of fabric strips a few years ago. I put it in the bathroom. Mine was smaller, but still used yards of fabric. They wear like iron.

  3. Looks like beautiful work. I really like the colours.

  4. Keep on collecting selvages! I find it best if I just crochet a row or two at a time. Too much crocheting with fabric causes wrist stress! As it doesn't have the give that yarn has. So slow and steady wins the race in the selvage rug project. Great job making a baby quilt and masks, too!