Sunday, April 12, 2020

Saturday's Song. Slow Stitching. Sunday Stash Report.

Saturday's Song
Today I was joyful and tearful as I rejoiced in our Lord's victory and missed my family.  Bottom line is this:  during this time we will have good days and hard days.  I embrace both as they are natural and real.  But, at the end of the day, I can still praise God and sing this song, even if it's through my tears.  Because He lives.  

This song also blessed me today.  
Yes, these are trying times, but it's only for a blink of the eye.  Let's come out stronger, better people.  Let's work toward that, yes?

Slow Stitching
After setting up my Grandmother's Flower Garden Quilt in the living room, it's much easier to make progress during the week. I hoping to attach those last three hexagons tonight!
During a fun conversation with @twotinymakes on Instagram, a new hashtag has been made:  #sloweveningsew!  I hope you check out her posts of her incredible quilts!

Stash Report
Fabric in
This week: 0 yards
This year: (since April 1) 1.5 yards
Fabric out
This week: 6.66
This year: (since April 1) 6.66

6.66-1.50= +5.16 yards

I made these cute little Easter bags!  The grandbabies loved them - and the treats inside!

I used this beginner friendly tutorial from Ashley Johnston at Bernina's We All Sew.

I also made face masks for various people: a hospital in my home town, some have been sent out to family members and a couple went to a nurse's child.  
Ready to be shipped.  

I found this tutorial for making my own bias tape - again - it's beginner friendly.  The only difference is I don't use the bias tape maker.  I just use my fingers to fold the fabric.

  I really like this beginner friendly tutorial from Dana at Made Everyday.  She has a great video on Instagram as well.  

No changes in yarn usage/incoming.
Yarn in
This week:
This year (since April 1)
Yarn out
This week:
This year (since April 1)

Blessings to all!
Linking up!  

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  1. Cute bunny bags! Glad you were able to get them to the grands.

  2. You have been one busy lady. The bunny bags are so cute. I'm sure whoever receives the masks will be thankful as I know that now we are to wear them in Ohio when going out. I made a few for friends and family. Could not find supplies and not really material in my stash to make with strings so I gave up, but was pleased to see the many in my area that are making those. Easter was same for me. Weepy especially missing my hubby as this would be my last first since losing him. He died 12 days after Easter last year so the memory of our last Easter together was hard, but the kids surprised me with Easter basket and they hid few eggs in yard for me to find when I walked the dog. Sad they couldn't come in, but saw and waved through window and talked on phone with them.

  3. Happy Easter!
    So many wonderful projects going on at your place... love the easter bags you made... so adorable!
    Thanks for linking up to Slow Sunday Stitching!

  4. Happy Easter!
    Now I discovered that here were new blog posts again. Nice to see the blog again, although I sometimes see what you share on instagram. I want to hear the songs you've shared here later. It is a very special situation in the world now. I haven't sewn face masks yet. In Norway, only health professionals in contact with corona patients use face masks, and they must be approved. But if we are encouraged to wear masks when we go to the store, I will also sew. Stay safe! It will pass.
    So nice Easter bunnies! I'm sure the kids were happy.

  5. I have been finding myself with more time for devotion and prayer. I’ve been able to get out to my back garden and begin some planting and I find myself praying and singing while I do that.

  6. Hi Miaismine, it sounds like you've been very productive. These are trying times but helping others is always a good thing! I especially like your Easter bags. No wonder the grandchildren loved them, and the treats inside of course! Your grandmothers garden quilt is so lovely. You must have finished the quilt top by now.
    Take care and stay healthy!

  7. The bunny bags are very cute. Happy stitching this week. Stay well.