Sunday, April 5, 2020

Saturday's Song. Slow Stitching. Sunday Stash Report.

Saturday's Song

  At the end of our fabulous virtual service, my church, Heart for the World, sang this song and wow!  What a blessing it was for me!  They encouraged us to share a #hopewins testimony, so here's mine!

Great service, HFTW Team. “One Thing Remains “ was my cancer fighting mantra. In fact, right after I was diagnosed, we were on our way to HFTW for the first time. I set a fleece before God to show me if this was our new home church: I asked Him for this very song to be sung during praise and worship. It was sung and we’re still at HFTW. Blessings to you, my church family and the HFTW team! Love you!!!!

Pastor said that during this time, or actually, any time of trial, we have an opportunity to come out stronger in Christ.  Let's take it through extra time with God!
I encourage you to listen/watch this service as you slow stitch today!  If you would like to share your church's online service, please add it in the comments section!  Let your hearts be encouraged and encourage others!

Slow Stitching
This Sunday, I'm working on my Grandmother's Flower Garden.

I've been struggling to get this last row sewn in and the LORD kept whispering to me, "Use a Clover clip."  I kept wanting to do this on my own....

Then, as I was watching the service today, and yes, full disclosure, I was stitching during service, I finally got frustrated enough to use a Clover clip.  Wow!  My experience went smoother and was more pleasant.  
How often do we struggle on our own instead of using the anchor of Jesus Christ to hold us together? 
Stash Report
I didn't have a finish this week, but I should next week.  So, fabric out this week?  Zero!  Fabric in? Also, zero!  

Take good care and perhaps take a moment to 1) share your church's online service in the comments, 2) visit the parties below and 3) spend a few extra minutes with God!  Blessings to all!

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Your comments are so appreciated!  I read each one and will respond by email to you!  :)


  1. Stitching a beautiful grandmothers flower garden with so many pretty hexies before you and listening to a host of people praising God does sound rather like heaven.

  2. A truly beautiful quilt...I too need to listen to the Lord when He tells me things. I am glad that we can still come together with our church family even if we can't meet in person.

  3. It's coming together nicely. Love how you fussy cut some of the fabrics.

  4. Beautiful stitching. Have no clue what a clover clip is, but I relate because I have been that way before and stubborn to accept help with something because I think I can master it. But, you're so right, it does go better when we accept God's advice. :) Have a good week and stay well.