Thursday, August 15, 2019

Wednesday's Word. Wednesday Wrap Ups. Pressing On.

Wednesday's Word
UPDATE:  My husband send me this link to the story behind the above mural
 created by:  Gabe Vasquez and Justin Martinez

July was such a fun month...filled with birthdays (three of them!), holiday celebrations, celebrating the signing of the Korean War Armistice with my parents as well attending a ceremony unveiling a wall placed in the County Courthouse honoring all veterans from all the military branches.  Daddy is a proud Korean War veteran.  And I am proud of him.  

Then came August 3 and the mass shooting in El Paso and Dayton.  I am El Paso born and raised and my family lives there still.  Emotions are running high.  I'm making even more trips home to give comfort to my elderly parents and the rest of my small family.  I'm emotionally drained, but still trying to live life to the fullest.
I can do this because of a word God gave me many years ago when I was totally broken before Him:
I pray these words give comfort to those who are hurting around the world.

Wednesday Wrap Ups
I had started this wall hanging by Suzn Quilts.  The mini Dresden plates are complete and I am now hand appliqueing them onto their squares.  
 This one is made from my left very "leaves".  Is that what they're called?  
Pressing On
Last time my goals were:
1.  Visit Daddy and Mama for an overnight.✔ Instead of overnights, I am making more frequent trips to see them.  
2.  Finish up the two  Month 4 blocks for my Stitchers' Garden.  
3.  Quilt 15 minutes a day on a friend's quilt.
This week's goals:
1.  Visit Daddy and Mama.
2. Continue to work towards a new normal.

Check out these fun parties!

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  1. I believe they are called blades. They are really cute.

  2. Hello! Thank you so much for linky up the very first linking up on our website. Oh, my heart is breaking for all the families, friends and citizens of El Paso. We may never know or understand the why of such an atrocious event. It is so nice that you can spend extra time with your parents. {{Hugs}} The Lord has sure blessed them with you. It makes me smile, and I'm sure they feel better having your comforting presence. Your Dresden blocks look sweet. I love that background fabric you chose - will this be a wall hanging? ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. I appreciate your poster on testimony. I've also heard it said this way--your misery becomes your ministry. I'm sorry about the shootings. Your dresdens are so petite and cute!

  4. The recent shootings are distressing, God be with all those families affected. How sweet of you to give extra care to your parents. Your dresdens are charming.

  5. We are told that we will go through times of trials and suffering, but out of them comes perseverance, and out of perseverance comes faith and out of faith comes hope. Unless we go through tough times, we can never learn and grow and become a testimony to God as your Word from Him said. Your faithfulness is inspiring.
    Love your Dresden plate quilt and yes, the background definitely gives them a lift. Blessings.

  6. Those Dresden's are so colorful!