Sunday, May 29, 2022

Weekly Word: Curve Balls + Stitching and Gratitude This Week!


Hello there!

Thank you so much for visiting!  I hope you enjoy this week's post filled with God's Word, books, fiber projects, a fiber stash report and a bit of likes and gratitude from this week!  

Speaking of this week, let us pray for everyone affected by the mass shooting in Uvalde, Texas.  I have to move on from this topic.  Emotions run deep.

My recently retired hubby and I are adjusting to our new non-schedules by enjoying slow mornings and relaxing evenings on the patio filled with good conversation, our favorite music and some slow stitching.  Thus far, this transition into a new era of our lives has been kind of wonderful.  

However we all know life can throw curve balls as well. 

I've done what I always do to work things out:  organize.  This time the non-fiction section of my library got an overhaul.  I rediscovered many books a neat little devotional with a quilting theme which I'll be sharing in the Weekly Word.  

Onto this week's post!  

As my weekly posts are jampacked with lots of fun mini- articles, here's is an index should you have a special interest you'd like to read first!  Otherwise, settle in with your favorite beverage or snack and enjoy!  
The Weekly Word - is a short devotional that sometimes becomes a Bible Study series.  
My Reading Life - is filled with current, completed and upcoming reads as well as an occasional short review.      
Stash Report and To Do Tuesday is where I'll share share stats regarding my fiber usage and acquisitions, goals met/lack thereof and photos of my projects.   
Gratitude Journal - Sometimes I get lost in my own stinky thinking.  This digital journal reminds me to count my blessings!    

Faith, Trust and Breast Cancer - Here you will find updates on life as related to my journey with Triple Negative Breast Cancer.  I was diagnosed in November of 2014 and my last day of treatment was in November 2015.   

Weekly Word

I found this little devotional in my library this week and one line in the introduction really touched me:
While reading these pages, tap into the heartbeat of our Creator, the Master quilter, who designs our lives using His perfect pattern. - Mary Tatem

I've been avoiding an emotional curve ball God has been wanting me to catch, hold and examine.  
I know I'm not alone....many of us choose to get caught up in the business of life, ignoring that Still, Small Voice.    I'm learning that part of ignoring Him, in my case, is a lack of faith and trust in My Creator, my Abba Father.  But, doesn't He say:

And what about this verse?

Oh, and let us remember this precious promise!  Somewhere I read a version of verse one that said, "Child, you are Mine."
I've decided to catch my curve ball.
I've decided to hold onto it and show it to my Abba.
I've decided to walk though the deep waters and the fire, 
knowing I will not drown or be burned.
He will see me through the struggle as I go though these times.
And guess what?
He'll see you through as well.
We can both come out stronger and lighter 
as we catch and then release our pain
to our loving Father.
I'm praying for you - and myself - today.

My Reading Life
 Currently reading



★★★ The Hidden Staircase by Carolyne Keene is another buddy read with my granddaughter.  She is ticked that we are sharing this series.  
★★★★★ Judah's Wife was a buddy read with Mary Alice.  This book is part of Angela Hunt's The Silent Years series.  It was a fabulous read!
★★★★ The Magnolia Palace is the second book I've read by Fiona Davis and I enjoyed it very much.  Lillian had a heart of gold andThe ending warmed my heart.  
★★★★ The Cartographers was read over a period of time as I was borrowing it from our local library's Libby.  It was snatched away from me and I had to wait several weeks for it to come back my way.  I learned so much about cartography and am hoping this will be a new genre to explore.  
★★★★★ Once I Was You was a difficult read - it took me almost 6 months to finish it.  I had to keep walking away from it as the injustices Latinos and immigrants face, even today, angered me deeply.  I'm so proud of Maria Hinojosa and other Latina women such as herself!

Stash Report

Yarny Numbers
I finished and mailed off the dishcloths for my dear friend!  I enjoyed this project as I became reacquainted with crocheting with netting.  I will probably not crochet with it again as now it's too hard on my hands.  My daughter agreed to test out some dishcloths made with tulle instead.  Though they worked ok, they are certainly not as strong as netting.  

Fabric Numbers
The only change was the six yards of netting purchased and used for the dishcloths.  

To Do Tuesday

Last Week's List
1. Sunday Slow StitchingStitch up one hexie a day.  Done!
The poor lighting is because these were stitched up in the evening on our patio....romantic, huh?  😉
2.  CrochetFinish up the dishcloths. Done!
3.  Machine Sewing & Christmas Sewing ListPrep and begin stitching the grandchildren’s 2022 Christmas softies.  Completion Goal Date:  June 15 not done 
Instead I chose to do a major re-organization of my library - photo below!
This Week's List
1. Sunday Slow StitchingStitch up one hexie a day.  I'm also going to start binding this quilt today!  This will end up being my very first Christmas quilt that I’m making just for me.
2.  Crochet Join at least 10 hexies to the Hexagon Afghan that I started so long ago!
3.  Machine Sewing & Christmas Sewing List: Continue stitching the grandchildren’s 2022 Christmas softies. Completion Goal Date: June 15
I realized I've forgotten to share the picture of the softies! Remember these from last Christmas?

The pattern is called Flatty Dogs by  La Todera Sewing and Craft Patterns.  This year I'm making the smaller version, the puppies, for my grandbabies.  

Gratitude Journal

Faith by Jordan Feliz blessed me!
The story behind this wonderful song is amazing.
My bibliophile heart is glowing with gratitude for my newly labled non-fiction books!  My daughter's fur baby enjoyed the space as well!

This meme made me laugh - as there are definitely some fibromyalgia mornings that I wake up feeling like this little guy looks!  I know it's not funny, but he's kinda's ok to laugh at ourselves....right?
I so love our yard!  This plant is one my son gave me a few years back.  

I learned how to make hash browns using this recipe!
I loved this little sticker on Instagram!

My stripology ruler came in so very handy when cutting the 1" netting strips for the dishcloths (see above).  They were cut in less than 5 minutes!  Instead of cutting WOF, I cut across the two yards, so I ended up with some easy to work with six foot lengths!

Faith, Trust and Breast Cancer

I thought I share a few tips for those going through chemo.
1.  Have plasticware on hand in case you have a metal taste in your mouth.
2.  Water is your friend.  Drink as much as possible, especially during your chemo infusion to cleanse your body.
3.  Call your doctor if you experience nausea.  My oncologist was very responsive to my needs.
4.  I applied Lidocaine to my port and covered it with a bandage about 15 minutes before my infusion to reduce the pain from that large needle.  
4.  Find a cancer support group!  You will learn and get so much support from other patients and survivors!  You are not alone!
Please, please reach out to your oncological medical team with any concerns/issues you may be experiencing.  There are so many medications/supplements that can help you!

Take good care, my dears!
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  1. I've read all the books you are reading this week. I always seek out books like Tolstoy and the Purple Chair...I just can't get enough of books about readers. I hope you enjoy all the books.

    I used to quilt all the time, but I can't seem to make myself finish a few projects I started long (very long!) ago. I wonder if you have any hints for that.

    Thanks for the tips for those who are going through chemo.

  2. The flatty dogs are adorable . Can not wait to see yours. The dishcloths are so pretty. You have certainly been staying busy. I have never made homemade hashbrowns. I will have to try the recipe. Have a very lovely week.

  3. Love the stitched and crocheted Hexies and the dish cloths, your garden in is lovely.

  4. I hope you like The Reading List. I *loved* it. Have a great week! - Melinda @ A Web of Stories

  5. I love the photos of your yard. I want to come over, bring a chair and read under that pergula! It's just so lovely.

  6. I want to read two of the books you just finished and I see you gave them good reports. The Reading List is one I am interested in too. All the best with the emotional curve ball, Patricia.

  7. The Flatty Dogs are great scrap busters. Good progress this week!

  8. Looks like a great reading week for you! I would like to read The Reading List and Magnolia Palace, and I have Cartographers on audio, so I want to get to that soon - I liked her first novel, The Book of M. And Nancy Drew!! What fun - I would love to revisit my old Nancy Drew books and love that you are buddy reading with your granddaughter.

    Enjoy your books this week, too!

    2022 Big Book Summer Challenge

  9. The Jeremiah verse is my favorite, and the Romans verse was the favorite of my Mom and Daddy. That reading space looks cozy, and your pretty outdoor spaces are very inviting. Pretty hexie afghan! I'm going to try that hash brown recipe, my husband will thank me. ;)
    Thank you for sharing with us at To Do Tuesday!

  10. Congratulations on the retirement. Sounds peaceful; sitting and stitching. You are so busy and doing lovely work. Thanks for sharing all you're doing.

  11. Your little dogs are adorable! All the best getting used to your new schedule. It sure sounds good so far.