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Weekly Word: Belief (John 2) + Stitching and Gratitude This Week!


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Welcome!  Thank you for visiting!  It's been a great week for healing, time with friends and hobbies!  

I hope your week was a good one!

As my weekly posts are jampacked with lots of fun mini- articles, here's is an index should you have a special interest you'd like to read first!  Otherwise, settle in with your favorite beverage and snack and enjoy!  
The Weekly Word - is a short devotional that sometimes becomes a Bible Study series.  
My Reading Life - is filled with current, completed and upcoming reads as well as an occasional short review.      
Stash Report and To Do Tuesday is where I'll share share stats regarding my fiber usage and acquisitions, goals met/lack thereof and photos of my projects.   
Gratitude Journal - Sometimes I get lost in my own stinky thinking.  This digital journal reminds me to count my blessings!    

Faith, Trust and Breast Cancer - Here you will find updates on life after Triple Negative Breast Cancer.  I was diagnosed in November of 2014 and my last day of treatment was in November 2015. 


Weekly Word

The theme of belief in Christ in the second chapter of John spoke to me.  
After Jesus changed the water into win, then the disciples believed (v. 11).  
After Jesus destroyed the drove everyone from the temple courts in righteous indignation (they had turned His Father's house into a market. v. 13-16) He was asked for a sign to prove his authority to do so (v. 18).  When Jesus responded, "Destroy this temple, and I will raise it again in three days." (v. 19).  
After Jesus rose from the dead after three days, the disciples remembered this event and then they believed (v. 22).  
After this same Passover Festival, the crowds saw the signs He was performing and then they believed in His name (v. 23).  

Oh, my dear readers, why do we need signs and wonders to believe?  
One of my dearest friends is my spiritual inspiration.  For some reason known only to God, she has many trials with grace and filled with an unwavering faith.  She is a strong prayer warrior and exhorter.  Her relationship with God is authentic and strong.  She needs no signs, no goosebumps, yet she still believes.  She amazes me.  
I loved this verse:    
As we continue to know our LORD and Savior,  
let the LORD give us the grace and faith to believe in all circumstances as we learn what is in Him.  Amen?

My Reading Life

We have a wonderful used bookstore in town, Coas.  I decided to go in one day and just buy books from my TBR list. Can you believe I got all these books for about 20 bucks?!

Currently reading


★★★★The Book of Lost Names by Kritstin Harmel was a phenomenal read about a librarian who was a resistance worker in WWII who goes on a journey to face her past.  
Between Heaven and Texas by Marie Bostwick is the "#0" of the Cobbled Court Quilts series.  I have read books #1-5 and enjoyed this light, quick read.  
The Paris Apartment by Lucy Foley captured my attention from the beginning!  Jess, the protaganist, captured my heart as she searches for her missing brother.  
Still Life (Chief Inspector Armand Gamache, #1) by Louise Penny was an enjoyable read.  Though I experienced on via audio, I recommend reading the hardcopy instead as Penny offers many  quotable lessons that deserve to be written down in one’s reading journal and pondered. I fell in love with Inspector Gam ache’s wise, gentle and observant personality.

One Italian Summer by Rebecca Serle is a fabulous story that kept me wondering, “What will happen next?” Take your time, read it slowly and enjoy Italy through the story. Don’t be in a hurry to finish it, go back and read the last chapter to really soak it in.

Stash Report

I'm not a math person, so this stash report can be a challenge, but it's helping me meet my goal which is not so much staying in the black, but freeing up space a fiber stash uses.  Donna's weekly Stash Report at Quilt, Paint, Create link up is helping me achieve my goal!  Thank you, Donna!
Yarny Numbers
I purchased 21.12 ounces of this yarn to make this new project - a amigurumi camping scene from Let's Go Camping by Kate Bruning!  She is so sweet!  I contacted her via email with a question about the patterns and she literally responded within minutes.  In less than 30 minutes I had the answers I needed!   

Fabric Numbers
I finished eight more hexies this week, so a small dent was made in usage.  

To Do Tuesday

 Last Week's List

1. Sunday Slow Stitching: Stitch up one hexie a day and & finish the dishcloths for my friend!  Partially Done.  
I made the 8 hexies. Aren’t those little cows cute?       

The dishcloths are almost finished.  I’ll be picking up a couple more yards of netting to finish the last few.  I'd forgotten that I used to make them two-sided, one side yarn and the other netting.  After finishing an 8" granny square, I realized that they were too bulky.  So I went with a smaller size and was much happier.  
2. Machine Sewing: Stitch up the blocks for Row 4 Pieces in the Garden.  (I'll be sharing Row 3 next week!)  Done!

These are the twelve 4.5" blocks of Melva's  Row Three of Pieces in the Garden that I finished in April.  

These are the 17 3.5" blocks of Melva's Row Three of Pieces in the Garden that I finished in April.  I make an extra "oops" block just in case.  😉
Here is a close up view of one of the blocks.  
This Week's List
1. Sunday Slow Stitching: Stitch up one hexie a day.  
2.  Crochet:  Finish up the dishcloths.  
3.  Machine Sewing & Christmas Sewing List:  Prep and begin stitching the grandchildren’s 2022 Christmas softies 

Gratitude Journal

As so many of us are aware of, slow stitching is extremely therapeutic and calming.  Imagine my joy when I ran across this this wonderful Winter 2021 edition of Love Embroidery magazine!   I don't recall if I've shared it before, but indeed it's worth another view!  As tempted as my collector's heart is, I only have the one.  I did find a slew of them available on Amazon Unlimited!  
This 46 page booklet was included as a free gift with purchase.  
May we always remember, our Abba Father loves us - even when we don't understand the reasons behind the events in our lives.
Let us refuse to ignore God's call on our lives and ACT! 
Sometimes those of us living with chronic pain which we could accept all of our social invitations.  Please don't give up on us!  Keep inviting us!  
I was so excited to pick up these embroidery transfers 
and stitch them up for my husband!
His reaction?
I had to laugh...
This delicious bread has helped me cut down on my sliced bread consumption!
Mia is looking good here, but I'm not sure how happy she and Kitty are about sharing their bed!
Kitty has started exploring my sewing room and finding nooks and crannies in which to snuggle.
Now you see her....
now you don't!  

Faith, Trust and Breast Cancer

Healing continues with my partial knee replacement.  Physical therapy is a must to maintain my progress and keep aches and pain at bay.  In addition to the exercises the therapist gave me upon dishcharge, I'm able to walk about 1.5 blocks and use the Max Trainer for about 2.5 minutes!  Yea!

Take good care, my dears!
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  1. It's so nice to read your post! I'm so happy you are healing well. Is Kitty the former outdoor kitty? Your hexies are darling. Haha, those transfers would be appropriate for my husband. ;) Take care and have a wonderful weekend!

  2. "Sometimes those of us living with chronic pain which we could accept all of our social invitations. Please don't give up on us! Keep inviting us! " This resonated with me. My husband has had a chronic and painful illness for 32 years now and most of our friends have given up on us. We can't really make plans ahead of time because we never know what a day will bring. It can be lonely.

  3. What a great post and a reminder to keep inviting those friends with chronic illness. That cat sure is having fun exploring. Your hexagons are looking lovely and what a neat new knitting project you have going. Glad to hear you are continuing to heal well.

  4. You've had some great reading and what a score of book buying for so few dollars. I see some that I've enjoyed.

  5. I liked the Cartographers and also love Nancy Drew. Happy reading.

  6. Wonderful progress on your projects! I wasn't sure if those were cows or sheep?!?! LOL

  7. I always come away from your post with a wonderful takeaway from it and feeling better about the world. Today, I'm taking away this thought: "May we always remember, our Abba Father loves us - even when we don't understand the reasons behind the events in our lives." Thank you so much, Patricia!

    I'm glad to see how much you enjoyed One Italian Summer, Book of Lost Names, and Paris Apartment.

    I'm happy to hear that you are healing well.

  8. Some good books here... I hope to read both The Paris Apartment and One Italian Summer.

  9. It's always good to re-read your posts, and I find something new each time. Are you reading The Hidden Staircase, the Nancy Drew mystery? I always loved the covers of those books.
    My Mom was my prayer warrior. The house I grew up in had one tiny bathroom (how did we survive - lol!) and poor Mom, I guess it was the only room in the house where she could have some quiet time with God. I remember one night I just barged in while she was in it (it seems we never locked that door) and she was kneeling at the bathtub praying. I was only 10 or 11 at the time, but that scene has stayed with me all my life as a vision of her faithfulness.
    Thank you for sharing with To Do Tuesday!

  10. I just finished the Oysterville Sewing Circle on CD. Not one of my faves. Had it been a hard copy bo I would have skimmed and bailed. The Gamache series is wonderful. I've got my sister reading them. Glad you are getting back to your creative projects.